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Friday, December 09, 2005

Destinee's attempts at drawing

Teng .. teng ... teng .... teng ..... Destinee's first 'masterpiece'.

Guess what she drew?

Next she went on to draw an apple. Does dat look like an apple or cherry?

Dat's a face (her imagination).

She drew the head and neck of a fren's son.
She said dat's Jai Jai (nickname of the boy) and he has got big eyes and little hair.

Then I asked her, "What happened to his legs?".
She continued to add two strokes down from the neck.
"Huh? Dat's Jai Jai's legs?" I asked.
She answered "Hai keh (Yes), Jai Jai's legs 'hou tuin' (very short) mar.


At Sat Dec 10, 12:02:00 AM, Blogger mom2ashley said...

looks like an alien! hahahha

At Sat Dec 10, 01:22:00 PM, Blogger TWO LITTLE FELLAS said...

kids are so just laughable...

At Sun Dec 11, 06:46:00 PM, Blogger jazzmint said...

hehehe..their imagination sometimes really fascinates us adults rite :P

At Sun Dec 11, 10:23:00 PM, Blogger Zara's Mama said...

Aaah.. she's very good at drawing!
How old is she?

At Mon Dec 12, 11:18:00 AM, Blogger Adrian & Alvan said...

heehee ..she so cute, and good imagination :D

At Mon Dec 12, 11:39:00 AM, Blogger Jesslyn said...

ya, kids hv their own imagination, sometimes me too dunno what's wien draw!! but now she can draw better liao after few practice..

At Mon Dec 12, 01:26:00 PM, Blogger Tracy said...

Dinah: Ha, ha, ha, dat was what Pappy said too.

Two little fellas's mum: Yes, sometimes kids will do something which will really make us laugh.

Jazzmint: Ya, ya, agree with u Jazz, kids do have very good imaginations.

Zara's mum: Kekeke, thanks, dat's a very good compliment for her. FYI, she's 3+.

Rachel and Jess: Actually she was just trying out her skill at drawing and those were the 'best' so far. As for other drawings, we cannot get 'head or tail' about what she has drawn.

At Thu Dec 15, 09:40:00 AM, Blogger Sabrina said...

hehe..looks like an alien with whiskers.Hehehe..

At Fri Dec 16, 01:03:00 AM, Blogger Tracy said...

Sabrina: Kekeke, I thought so too. Kakak (my maid) oso said 'macam janggut'.

At Thu Dec 29, 03:09:00 PM, Blogger 1+2mom said...

Wow!!She so good in drawing, my son 3 years 7 month just know to draw circle only -.-'


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