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Monday, November 27, 2006

Destinee's 1st Visit to the Dentist

I have been hesitating to take Des to the Dentist for quite some time until yesterday (26th November, 2006). Frankly speaking, I really have this phobia of going up the stairs to the dentist's clinic let alone allow the doctor do my teeth.
The nite before taking Des to the clinic, I had a sleepless nite thinking about how Des will react when she sits on the chair in the dentist's room and what I was supposed to do if she insists of not letting the dentist check her teeth. I have to admit dat I WAS REALLY REALLY WORRIED and SCARED! (u can laugh ur hearts out *duh*)
Yesterday, after we did some marketing, Pappy and I took Des to the Dental Surgeon on the main road of Seri Kembangan. Pappy had to park the car and I took Des to register with the clinic. As I was going up the stairs with Des, I could hear my heart beats 'thumping'. Des, asked me where I was taking her. I told her I was taking her to see a doctor who was going to check her teeth and she had to open her mouth wide to let the doctor check. She jovially opened her mouth wide and asked me "Like this ar, mommy?" I didn't know whether to be laugh at her remarks dat she was not scared or I was still worried.
After having Des's name registered, we sat on the bench to wait for Des's turn. Pappy joined us after having parked his car. When Des's name was called, we took Des and went into the dentist's room. After greeting the dentist, Dr. Lee, I put Des onto 'the chair' (wonder if there's name to the dentist's chair?).
Dr. Lee asked me what was wrong with the little girl's teeth. I told him the 2 inner front teeth of Des were decaying. I told Des to open her mouth wide to let the doctor check. She, without suspecting anything, and smilingly opened her mouth wide and allowed the dentist checked her teeth. I was told dat there 2 swollen parts above the teeth and there might be pus in them. Under the advice of Dr. Lee, the teeth needed to be extracted to prevent the germs (or something like dat, I was a bit confused then) from spreading to the rest. Oh goodness me, Des is only 4 and her milk teeth needed to be extracted! But I had no choice but to allow the dentist do what was necessary.

Des opened her mouth wide to let the dentist checked her teeth. The assistant was holding to her hand to prevent her from getting up.
Dr. Lee, with the help of his assistant (a Malay gril), rubbed some anaesthetic on the gums of Des. He took, what I saw was a sharp object (like a needle) and poked the swollen parts of Des, one after another! And dat was the time Des let out her cries and shouted 'pain pain'! She was struggling and Dr. Lee asked me to help grab Des's hands. I saw blood coming out of Des's mouth. I was thinking 'Oh my God'. After dat, the assistant and I helped Des rinse
d and wiped her mouth. She stopped crying when I carried her.
We had to wait for a few minutes for the anaesthetic to work, after which Des was made to sit back on the chair again. I could sense dat she was scared as her hands were cold. Dr. Lee came with the 'teeth extractor' (or whatever u call it), he opened Des's mouth again not without Des starting to cry. He 'pulled' one of the teeth out. I heard Des shouted 'PAIN PAIN' again! I was at the verge of crying too but guess I held back my tears (too embarrased to cry)! She tried to struggle and Dr. Lee asked me to hold Des's hands while his assistant helped Des back to the chair. Dr. Lee was quick, he opened Des's mouth again and out came the second tooth! A piece of lint was put onto the wound. Goodness me, I felt myself wanting to faint! (I didn't notice the 2 extracted teeth but I was told by Pappy dat they had long 'roots'). Des was oredi crying and screaming! The assistant was so calm and patient. She tried to console Des dat she was a good girl and it was all over. Des grabbed my hands so tightly. I told her it was all over. I could see her upper lips starting to swell. My poor little girl.
She did sob for a little while and the dentist praised her for being a brave girl. I held her tightly and praised her for being a good girl.
I know it'll sound silly to give this piece of advice but it was the info which I gathered from the dentist and I hope parents who bottle feed their kids do take heed: Do take notice and care of ur kids' teeth even when he cuts his very 1st tooth. After every meal of milk, do take the initiative to rinse his mouth or by giving him water to drink if he's still a very small baby. If he's old enough, make sure he brushes his teeth after meal and the most important if he's still on bottle feeding. Not all kids' teeth are strong and too sad and late to know dat Des's teeth are of the easily decaying type. (Des, mommy's very sorry for not taking note of ur teeth)
To Destinee: U are Pappy's and Mommy's brave little girl! *muahmuahmuah*


At Mon Nov 27, 11:03:00 AM, Blogger IMMomsDaughter said...

Oh no! U r scaring me, both my kids have chipped front tooth which has turned a shade darker. Wonder if they are decaying too. However, my son went for his 1st dentist check up when he was 2. I was so proud of him, no crying & fussing and by now, he's used to the dentist. I can't say the same for my girl as she has yet to visit one.

Poor Des, reading your post, I already felt kan cheong. What more to say you are at the scene.

At Mon Nov 27, 11:20:00 AM, Blogger Egghead said...


At Mon Nov 27, 12:07:00 PM, Blogger Msau said...

aiyoh...kesian Destinee...y she still feeling pain wan? anaesthetic doesn;t work kah?

At Mon Nov 27, 05:34:00 PM, Blogger Annie said...

I felt so heartache ....when she call out pain. How's she doing now? I hope she's not phobia to dentist since then.

Did you keep the extracted teeth??

At Mon Nov 27, 08:19:00 PM, Blogger jazzmint said...

aiyoyo..poor girlll...2 teeth somemore!!! Hope she's feeling better now. She's really very brave

At Mon Nov 27, 09:52:00 PM, Blogger huisia said...

Poor gil..sure pain la, 2 teeth somemore.

At Tue Nov 28, 12:54:00 AM, Blogger michelle said...

I read also I feel fear. Yeap, need to brush or clean the teeth when it is out. I did that for both my children. Now every day they brush their teeth.

Des is a brave gal, at least she lets the dentist finish the job. Must reward her with a gift!

At Tue Nov 28, 10:23:00 AM, Blogger Annie Q said...

me also very scared to visit dentist!!Even though me so old still hv phobia to see dentist!haha..
Yes,Des is a brave girl,brave than me!!LOL

At Tue Nov 28, 10:55:00 AM, Blogger Tracy said...

I'm not scaring u, kids' teeth have to be taken very good care off and I really regret I neglected my girl's teeth dat she had to suffer at such a young age.

Aiyo, I tell u, I really was very very 'kan cheong' as if I was the one going for the check up.

I don't hate dentists but I really hate going to them and sitting on the 'SCARY' chair even though I had to go every 1/2 a year. Really gives me the shivers.

Ya, ya, very kesian. It was the poking of the swollen parts, what we call in Cantonese 'nga pok', dat made Des felt the pain before the dentist applied the anaesthetic.

It broke my heart too Annie and I could feel my tears swelled but had to hold back. No worries, she's back to her usual active self again and even blowing bubbles oredi.

Aiyo, I was oredi kelam kabut even to notice the extracted teeth. All I wanted to do was quickly get Des out.

(psst, psst, BTW, where have u been lately and how are u doing?)

Ya ya, I was surprised dat the dentist advised to have both teeth to be extracted at one time but it was good too, no need to go back again - no way for the time being! She IS indeed feeling better and even eating crackers oredi. She IS BRAVER than mommy. *duh*

Hui Sia
She was still complaining "Pain Pain" after we reached home but after her nap, she was up and forgot about the pain oredi.

Good for u Michelle. U did the right thing. I really was so silly in believing dat kids' milk teeth will drop by its own and I really neglected Des's teeth when she had her very first few teeth.

Dat girl of mine is one tough girl. She forgot about the pain and is her usual active self. She told kakak (my maid) dat she has a 'lubang' now. She AUTOMATICALLY goes and brush her teeth after meals and rinse her mouth whenever she eats or drinks (heehee).

Haha, u bet, I rewarded her with a 'Princess' toothbrush which she chose herself.

Annie Q
Haha, *hi five*, I'm scared of going to the dentist too.

Des WAS brave cos she didn't know what was happening but now if u are to ask her whether she wants to go to the dentist or not, she will SHAKE and SCREAM her head off and shouting "NOOOOO, 'NG MOI' (don't want)"!

At Tue Nov 28, 11:53:00 AM, Blogger Sasha said...

She's so brave! i hate visiting dentist!

At Tue Nov 28, 12:03:00 PM, Anonymous Julian said...

I too have dentist phobia from young. I always cry when go to dentist... hehehehe. Last time the dentist I went, always close my eyes with his hands when he inject the anaestetic and extract the tooth out so that I cant see what is happening.

Whatever it is, i will avoid dentist at all cost unless really cant help it.

Didnt keep Destinee's teeth ah? Got tooth fairy one u know. Last time my parents lied to me about tooth fairy ask me to keep it under my bed and in the morning changed into money. I believed it until my mom took out all the teeth she hid and then I was like, AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!

Actually I was unhappy lah cos after I found out means no more money in exchange of going to the dentist heheheh

At Tue Nov 28, 01:15:00 PM, Blogger Adrian & Alvan said...

I oso have the urge to bring Adrian to visit dentist, I think I must show him yr blog hehehee..
bravo Destinee, Aunty Rachel 'muahhmuaahh' too

At Tue Nov 28, 03:25:00 PM, Blogger Tracy said...

I didn't expect her to be so brave leh. She cried for some time only. And I dread going to the dentist too.

Keep the extracted teeth? Haiyo, they were decayed and with so much blood, yucks!

Hahaha, u really believed in the tale of the tooth fairy? Bless u.

Aiyo, don't show Ah Hang dat lar. It might scare him leh.

From Destinee: Thank u Auntie Rachel. I needed dat.

At Wed Nov 29, 11:52:00 AM, Blogger Sabrina said...

My daughter went to the dentist to pull her teeth out no need anesthetic wor. Just apply something and then the dr was chatting with her and out the tooth. I can hear her said "Ouch!" nia. As for my hubby's niece, she'll beg the dr. n put her hands together and say "Please, don't pull my teeth". Haha..I had to bribe her by telling if u pull one teeth, I'll get u a barbie sticker book. If you pull 2, I'll get 2 for you. Then only she agree. No choice coz' her teeth was decaying.

At Wed Nov 29, 08:46:00 PM, Anonymous Vien said...

Aiyo..poor poor Des. My heart wrenched when I read this sakit hati for her. If it's me, I'll sure cry along with her..I'm quite sappy wan..haha. So, I guess she's in time for the 3 chipmunks song: "All I Want for Christmas is my 2 Front Teeth"..hehe

At Thu Nov 30, 11:11:00 PM, Blogger shoppingmum said...

My god, Destinee is so brave!
And she still sat back on the chair, I think most kids will refuse to enter the room already!

At Fri Dec 01, 10:11:00 AM, Blogger Tracy said...

Maybe the 'apply something' onto Ruby was the anaesthetic cos I saw the dentist applied 'something' onto Des's gums and we were made wait for a few mins (dat might for the anaesthetic to work).

I nearly wanted to cry with her too but too malu lar. Hahaha, I love to see her smile or laugh with the 'lubang'. When we laugh at her, she will cover the mouth with her hand but she looks cute.

Shopping Mum
Aiyo, I was afraid she would struggle and get off the chair but she sat back. U can imagine, dat was the most consolable moment for me. I was so touched dat she was so obedient and brave. Bravo to my girl!

At Mon Dec 04, 11:49:00 AM, Blogger Allyfeel said...

Oh Poor lil' girl, she has to go through all this at the tender age of 4. She is indeed a brave girl.

At Wed Dec 06, 10:32:00 AM, Blogger Tracy said...

Ya lor, really breaks my heart seeing her suffered like dat. But no worries, she was up on her feet again in no time.


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