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Friday, February 20, 2009

I'm OK

What or how do I start off with? The most important thing is to thank my blogger friends and silent reader "fansi" for all the messages and emails. I really appreciate very much. This inspired me to "sweep" the dust and cobwebs off my blog – *pooh pooh pooh* *cough cough cough*
It has been almost half a year since I wrote my last post. I really have lost contact with everyone BUT I do still visit everyone's blog to keep me in touch of what's happening.

What happened to me? I know I've been MIA from my blog, msn, skype, yahoo for quite a long time. I didn't feel like writing posts or to chat or to reply to messages, just didn't have the mood at all. Very very sorry everyone. No worries, no worries, I'm still kicking, struggling and very much alive. So many things happened during the past half year. To Rachel, Msau and Angie, I've shifted to my new place in Cheras, no longer in Seri Kembangan.
Ya, ya, we shifted from Seri Kembangan to Cheras on the notable day of 7th December, 2008 (of course notable cos it was my birthday dat day and easy to remember, heehee). Sooooo many things to do before and after the shift. Had to adapt to the new place with no new friends. After shifting, my sister came back in December with a friend from HKG. After which it was time of the year for Destinee to go to Primary 1 in January, 2009. I have to get up at 5.30 a.m., lastest by 5.45 a.m. to get things ready and by 6.30 a.m, we need to be out of the house. She was okay the first week of school but from the 2nd week, she had been crying since then (yup, until now), if not crying, she'll be sniffing. She wanted to go back to her kindergarten and wanted to have her kindy teachers and friends. Adoi, really stresssssssss to see her like dat.
Din even make any cookies, buy any clothes, only did very simple decorations for the CNY. Elyss did say it was very unusual of me not to make any cookies for the CNY and the house did not look 'hoong dong dong' (red red) as it used to be during the previous CNY. No mood, no mood, no mood!
Another reason is dat old age's catching up with me. I don't seem to have the energy like I used to have. I get tired, moody, headaches, heartburns, felt like crying at times, sweat a lot, sleepless nites but very sleepy during the day and most of all, my "P" din come for 2 months! No, No, No, don't get me wrong! I'M NOT PREGGIE. Of all things, preggie? I rather hit my head on the wall. U guessed rite. Those are the signs of menopausing. Am I really menopausing? I didn't realise I'm actually menopausing cos I've been having regular "P's" all the while until recently it din come for 2 months.
Really pity my 2 "victims" cos I flare my temper at them most of the time. I just hope to get over with this "nightmare" soon.
No worries, no worries, Michelle and Jess, I've made an appointment with the doctor.
Okay, I hope and will try to be back soon.


At Fri Feb 20, 02:49:00 PM, Blogger mybabybay said...

You take care dear! Next time i come to KL, can visit you. Cheras is near my place.

At Fri Feb 20, 03:02:00 PM, Blogger cowie said...

OMG!! You're so long life. I'm been looking high and low for you. I even searched my old hp for your contact number. Somehow, I think I lost your no. Was wondering how can I get in contact with you anymore and the next thing, you updated your blog. Btw, I still click your blog every other day hoping that you would update it.

You take care of yourself. Call me if you are in this part of the world.


At Fri Feb 20, 03:03:00 PM, Blogger Jess said...

Glad you are ok!

Take care ya!

At Fri Feb 20, 11:04:00 PM, Blogger blurblur said...

Glad to see you back! Take care and send my hugs to Destinee...I'm sure she'll snap out of this crying and sniffing business pretty soon! :)

At Sat Feb 21, 12:17:00 AM, Blogger slavemom said...

Hey, glad to hear from u again. Did u chg ur hp no? I sms-ed u on the day u moved *wink wink* but there was no reply. :)
Oh, poor Des. She really misses her kindy, teachers n frens huh? Hope she'll get used to it real soon. And u take good care of urself ya.

At Sat Feb 21, 12:15:00 PM, Blogger Tracy said...

TQ so much and it was nice chatting with u the other day. Sure, sure, pls do drop by the next time u come over to Cheras.

I miss u too. Time really flies. Kyrie's getting prettier and Hallie's so big now. I'm really getting old *sigh*. Sure, sure, I'll let u know when I'm in S'pore. Really would like to meet u and ur family.

U're really one of my best blogger buddy. U do know there's something wrong when I din reply ur msg hor? *heehee* No worries, I'm feeling ok after some consultations.

Boy oh boy, I really miss u too. Darius such a big 'botak' now *heehee*. I do hope Des will overcome her fear to go to school soon *keeping my fingers crossed each day dat she won't cry*.

No, no, I din change my h/p no., I did receive ur msg. So sorry dat I din reply. I was soooo busy moving up and down from the old and new place dat time. Thanks so much for being understanding.

I really hope Des will tell me "Mummy, I love going to school" *waiting for dat day*, then I'll have at least a 'nightmare' off my head.

At Mon Mar 02, 03:58:00 PM, Blogger Jacss said...

hey tracy, it's good that u r back ....but am sorry to hear yr current condition!! hope des will get over the adapting phase soon!!
abt yr menapause symptom...too bad, can't offer much help, hope d dr. can do u wonder!! got a shock when u said no P for 2 months, phew....

At Mon Mar 02, 04:00:00 PM, Blogger Jacss said...

hey tracy, it's good that u r back ....but am sorry to hear yr current condition!! hope des will get over the adapting phase soon!!
abt yr menapause symptom...too bad, can't offer much help, hope d dr. can do u wonder!! got a shock when u said no P for 2 months, phew....

At Tue Mar 03, 08:58:00 AM, Blogger Magictree said...

Hi Tracy,
First and foremost, Congrats on your new place. Wah...have to wake up at 5:30 samfoo lah esp for lazy bird like me.

No2 is still crying it is understandable for Des esp. when they come from a loving, nice , clean environment ( kindy) to a big , out-of-control children everywhere running in school.

She'll get better for sure..

Take care.

At Wed Mar 04, 01:23:00 PM, Blogger 杨 霓 said...

wellcome back!!
faster po Des's in first day photo !!

At Fri Mar 06, 03:13:00 PM, Blogger laundryamah said...

take care u!

At Sun Mar 08, 11:36:00 PM, Blogger MeRy said...

It is mt first time dropping by ur blog...Do take gd care of urself!!

At Tue Mar 10, 01:35:00 AM, Blogger jazzmint said...

whoa, really alot happen for the pass 6 months eh. somemore moved to Cheras!! Hey, faster go see doc and see how to deal with it worries I'm sure u will adapt well and the 2 victims will understand :)

At Sun Mar 15, 12:36:00 AM, Blogger Angeleyes said...

Wow! You are in Cheras lioa!!!! So easier for us to meet up next time when we go to KL.

Hope all of you are adapting well... after all Cheras is a better place compared to Sri Kembangan rite?

At Mon Mar 16, 06:22:00 PM, Blogger Sasha said...

cheras is much easier for everything, shopping, meeting up and etc. And dun worry about des la.. she'll get over it soon. And as for your condition leh... I believe you will cope with it well. And i think yr 2 victims will understand. You also take care, many ppl miss you. If you have things to tell out then blog and tell us lor.. share share k?

At Mon Mar 16, 08:40:00 PM, Blogger mom2ashley said...

hang in there tracy!!!! and take care of yourself.

At Mon Mar 16, 11:36:00 PM, Blogger Tracy said...

I've gone to see my gynae and she said it's normal I'm experiencing such symptoms. Just hope I'll get over asap.

Ya ya, got to get up dat early but getting used to it oredi.

I'm sure our kids were being 'pampered' when they were in kindy. My girl even complained about the school's washroom being dirty and smelly.

I'm trying to get my backdated posts done.

I will, no worries.

Thanks for dropping by. Sure, sure, I will take care of myself.

Ya lor, so much happened during those months. Thank God dat I have an understanding husband.

Let me know the next time when u're in Cheras. Maybe we can go out and 'yum cha' or gazak crabs *heehee*

I'm trying to adapt to the new environment. The only problem is I don't have friends yet compared to Sri Kembangan.

Ah Lenglui
Ya ya, Cheras is much more convenient compared to Sri Kembangan. I'm feeling much better now. I'll contact u whenever I feel down ok? *hahaha*

No worries, no worries, I'm ok after meeting up with my gynae and talking to her made me 'let out a deep breath'.

At Mon Apr 06, 05:11:00 AM, Blogger Jasonmumbles said...

Wah, you came back! Haha! Welcome back.

At Sat Apr 11, 10:06:00 AM, Blogger Sasha said...

oi.... so long no new post geh?

At Wed May 20, 02:17:00 AM, Blogger Martini said...

hi Tracy, hope you feel much better now!


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