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Monday, September 28, 2009

Unlucky 7th lunar month? Stress.

Was it an unlucky 7th lunar month for us? First, I was hospitalised for viral infection, Pappy was even worse - business not only slowed down, his car broke down after sending Des to school, his specs dropped and was stepped on by somebody and he was in the hospital twice.

The 7th lunar month on the Chinese calendar is aka the month of the hungry ghost. Friends and relatives believed Pappy 'bumped' into 'dirty things' and dat was why he was so unlucky (or are we being superstituous?).

Pappy has gone thru all the necessary medical examinations and even went to pray to the deities in one of the temples recommended by a friend but he still felt uncomfortable. Uncomfortable in the sense dat there was still something irking him. So how?

He told me he went and prayed to 'change his luck' and not to pray to drive away the dirty things. He still felt there was something bothering him. He called his friend again and off they went to pray to 济公 (aka Jai Gong, Buddha Ji, Master Jhi, Mad Monk ... whatever). The 济公 immediately told Pappy dat he definitely had bumped into dirty things and 'they' were still bothering him. So, the 济公 prayed for Pappy and told him everthing will be okay. Pappy came home, burnt the amulet given by the 济公, into a cup of water, sifted the ashes and drank the water. He was even advised to brush the ashes on his chest (huh?). Well, he slept soundly dat nite (he was snoring the whole nite and surprisingly no tossings).

Was Pappy really disturbed by the supernaturals or was it, he was always thinking he was uncomfortable and dat was what has been stressing him out? After praying, he felt he was protected and feels at ease now. I won't stop him from going to pray if dat will make him feels comfortable and alrite. But after praying in 4 different temples, he's still like dat.

Well, I don't know, I guess it's up to one to believe. Or is it dat everything's not in the rite place since we shifted over to this house and since Des started school or is Pappy psychologically not well? He used to sleep soundly thru the nite but nowadays he'll be awake at least 2-3 times and dat means he doesn't get enough of sleep.

My analyses in green: I was hospitalised for viral infection (I ate something not cleaned properly), Pappy was even worse - business not only slowed down (I guess the whole market's like dat, esp. during this festive season), his car broke down after sending Des to school (oil filter spoilt, time's up after 5 years), his specs dropped and was stepped on by somebody (he was careless, he left the specs on a pile of papers and somebody removed the papers without realising the specs was there) and he was in the hospital twice (due to stress). And I'm sure he's having phobia about what happened and dat's why he's not confident in most of the things he does.

I, his family, friends have been advising him to RELAX but his answer was "it's easy for u all to say".

He has talked about his problems and we'll try our best to solve. He's worried about his business and us, he feels tired easily nowadays, cannot drive or even sit for too long, sometimes no appetite, feels okay at one moment but suddenly will feel uncomfortable/uneasy. I'm trying to find someone to send and fetch Des to and from school. If we are still in our old place, I don't think we'll have the problem cos we have many friends there. I don't know what's really disturbing him? Should he go and see a pyschiatrist (sooner or later I'll be the one going instead :P but no worries, I'm still sane at the moment) or should we shift back to our old house?

A note to Elaine:
My MIL called and told me dat a "Mrs. Wong" knows me and would email the details . I was cracking my head who "Mrs. Wong" is. So, u were the Mrs. Wong aka "Leng Jai Ah Ong's" wife whom my MIL was talking about. What a coincidence and a small world! Hahaha!

Thank u so much for recommending the acupunturist to us and I've advised Pappy to go and see her (acupunturist) asap. In the meantime, I still strongly convince him to continue taking his medicine from the doctor and maybe he should go and see a pyschiatrist.


At Wed Oct 07, 10:22:00 PM, Blogger Sabrina said...

Well, it all depends whether you believe it or not. But, I do believe it coz' my son can see these "things". Once, he even told us that it was in the house. It was disturbing hubby and hubby couldn't sleep properly and he always does things without realising what he was doing.

At Thu Oct 22, 09:42:00 AM, Blogger coffeesncookies said...

Hi Tracy,
How is your hubs now? Getting better sleep ? Try Rilax too, it does help. Buzz me if you need anything, at all. Take care ya !


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