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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Tag - 5 things

I was tagged by Rachel. I remember I've done this tag before.

Sorry Rach, sooooo busy and lazy to do all over again. I'll just copy and paste again, only to make some alterations on what I did a year ago. It's more or less the same cos 1 year difference only, can hor?

Here goes:

1. What were u doing ten years ago?
Gosh! What did I do ten years ago? Sometimes I can't even remember what I did minutes ago. Getting old liao. Okay, 10 years ago, hmmmm.... mmmm ..... I was staying in Cheras, still struggling with the ups and downs of life. Trying to get a nest of our own after having some problems staying with my MIL and elder SIL - aiyo long story lar (ppl out there staying with In-laws will understand, execpt Jess and Chin Nee, whom I know, are happy with ur in-laws). Hubby and I tried to have bb but unsuccessful.
2. What were u doing 1 year ago?
Went back to office to work and left Destinee with maid. I went on my first trip to Hong Kong to visit sis June and BIL Gilbert. Had a very wonderful time there.
3. Five super fatty and high cholesterol snacks u enjoy:
1. All crispy chips
2. Pisang goreng
3. Chocolates
4. Cakes
5. Yau Char Kwai
4. Five songs which u know all the lyrics in ur head rite now:
1. Twinkle, twinkle little star (both English and Mandarin)
2. Ke Ren Lai
3. Tien Mi Mi
4. Ni Jem Mo Suo
5. Negara Ku (who doesn't know this should bang ur head on the wall, kakakakaka)
Aiya, why only five, I have lots more, but mostly kiddy songs. Though I don't know Mandarin but the songs I sing are mostly Mandarin songs (hee, hee, dunno why). I have a lovely voice leh *cough .. cough ....*
5. Five things u would do if u were a millionaire (actually how far can u stretch a million dollar nowadays?)
1. Buy myself and family a landed property
2. Buy my 2 daughters, sisters June and Kuen, and brother Tuck a bungalow, or maybe a villa, each.
3. Visit all Disneylands
4. Donate some to the needy
5. Keep some for further use
Still got lots I would Iike to do wor. Alamak, a million in RM? Enough or not ar? Maybe million in British pound or Euro or USD lor hor. Ya lor, (actually how far can u stretch a million dollar nowadays?) should be enough lar.
6. Five bad habits
1. Go to toilet whenever I feel excited
2. Always daydreaming
3. Bad tempered
4. Hold the cane to threaten Destinee whenever she's naughty
5. 'Ngi ngi ngo ngo' hubby (luckily hubby's very patient if not die lor)
7. Five things u like doing:
1. Watching TV programmes and TVB series
2. Shopping
3. Lazying on the sofa
4. Chatting on MSN, Yahoo or phone
5. Eating
8. Five things u would never wear, buy or get new again:
1. Mini skirts, bare backs, tight fitting clothes (ppl will be laughing until their dentures will drop if I still wear those but still can wear short pants though)
2. Expensive clothes for Destinee (hee, hee, Auntie June and Elyss jeh jeh will buy)
3. - mind's blank -
4. - mind's blank -
5. - mind's blank -
I don't think there's anything in my mind which I would never buy or get new again. FYI, buying things is one of my favourite hobbies.
9. Five favourite toys
1. My little girl and little cucus
2. My PC
3. My Cooking Utensils
4. My Handset with camera
5. My TV and DVD Player



At Thu Sep 13, 12:53:00 AM, Blogger laundryamah said...

wei if not for the tag no updates one hor? so bz meh?

At Thu Sep 13, 02:16:00 PM, Blogger Rachel said...

Waiyo, finally not the marmite prawns picture anymore :D. You know that your marmite prawn make me salivated each time I lurk in your blog lol

At Thu Sep 13, 03:29:00 PM, Blogger mybabybay said... come you treat your gal as a toy. Bad mummy, just kidding. ;)


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