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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

If I have $1 million

Tagged again, this time by these lovely mummies, Chanel (Jeriel's mummy), Msau (SQ's and Kiki's mummy) and Xilly (Yiyi and Tung Tung's mummy). Sorry, sorry gals for delaying in doing this tag. Have been very, very, very 'dead' busy the past 2 weeks dat I didn't have the time to blog-hop let alone leave comments and write posts (sob, sob, sob).

Okay, what will I do if I have $1 million. Did I see wrong? It's 1 million $ (dollars) hor? Hei, hei, didn't state as in US, Singapore or HK dollar leh. But if it's in RM, forget it lar cos there're lots of millionaires in (tak)Bolehland.

I'm a greedy person, always dreaming of winning RM3 million from the lottery but Pappy always pours very icy cold water on me and tells me not to daydream too much *haiya*. So I treat dat as 1 million USD, okay or not? Aiyo, 'futt dat' (rich) lor! Wuah lau eh! How much is $1 million? How many zeros are there? *scratch head* Haven't seen $1 million mar. *count count count and converting into RM*. How much ah?

If I have $(US)1 million, what will I do and how will I spend:

  • Buy houses for myself, June, Elyss, brother Tuck and youngest sis)
  • Save some for Des's education and needs
  • Employ 2 maids (one to do housework and one to take care of Des)
  • Go for holidays with hubby's and my family
  • Donate to old folks homes and orphanages
  • Go shopping and shopping and shopping
  • Lastly, keep some for 'kun choi pun' (savings for coffin? heehee)

Eiks! Enough or not? Well, can dream, can't I? Boy oh boy, how I love and wish to have 1 million USD and I love to day dream!

Okay, done. Not tagging anyone.


At Wed Aug 08, 10:56:00 PM, Blogger Sasha said...

me first?

wei wei choy tai kar lai see ..kun choi pun also u mention..

but the 2 maids one damn chun la that idea...why i never think before about that

At Thu Aug 09, 02:32:00 PM, Blogger Tracy said...

Haha, ya lor, u first cos u always 'bei meen' mar.

Aiyo, must think about my 'kun choy pun' if not nanti kena digulung dalam tikar saja, macam mana? Kekekekeke

Haha, 2 maids, chun leh? Then I can goyang goyang kaki mar. But hor, get 1 'pun mui' and 1 'yan nei mui', then they won't be able to 'pakat' to go against us. *ngek ngek ngek*


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