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Thursday, July 26, 2007

A House for me from Des? *dreaming*

Today, Destinee brought this back from school – A HOUSE. She did it in class during art lesson, of course, under the supervision of her teacher (*blek* how I wished the house was real).

This is the living room. This is the car porch.

This is the kitchen. This is the dining room.

This is the bedroom

This is the bathroom

But the sweetest is this:


Dat was how she learnt about what's in the house.

Eiks! I forgot to post this during Father's Day. Oh yes, she did this in school and brought back during Father's Day. How sweet.

See dat red print at the bottom? Dat's her little thumb print (heehee).

And the Family Tree she drew in her English book.

So cute hor? She's more imaginative than Pappy and mommy.
Notice the earrings on Grandma? Her imagination cos her Grandma
doesn't wear earrings. Aiyo, mommy has 2 'buns' neh. Hahaha.


At Fri Jul 27, 01:34:00 AM, Blogger 1+2mom said...

Des coloring so nice ler. Her imaginary brother also good what.

At Fri Jul 27, 01:40:00 AM, Blogger jazzmint said...

wah she's doing very her crafts

haha...why mommy ada 2 buns LOL...ok u better tie 2 buns next time i meet u ok

At Fri Jul 27, 09:01:00 AM, Blogger OnlineMummy said...

I like the bathroom the most!!! Lots of interesting stuff Des does at school ya!

At Fri Jul 27, 10:44:00 AM, Blogger Tracy said...

Colouring depends on her mood. She likes to have her piece of art with all sorts of colours and she was taught to colour carefully and if possible not to colour out of the object.

Ya ya, Des learns a lot in her school. Heehee, I love her crafts too.

Aiyo, u want to see me with 2 buns? I'm sure u'll laugh until 'luk dei' (roll on the floor) lar.

Haha, I like the bathroom too cos there's no room for a bath tub in my present kicik bathroom :(

Oh yes, I love what she learns in school and often brings home interesting works.

At Fri Jul 27, 02:05:00 PM, Blogger Annie Q said...

Des hand writting very neat lei, the card that she do for her dad.I like the "house" that she "make" for u.Dont worry Tracy, ur dream will come true!

At Fri Jul 27, 09:20:00 PM, Blogger Tracy said...

Annie Q
She was taught to be neat from the day she was taught to write by u know who lor :). I like the house too and wishing too.

At Fri Jul 27, 10:49:00 PM, Blogger Lian said...

Her drawing so cute. The people also color coded -- red for girls and blue for boys. Hahahah.

At Sat Jul 28, 10:49:00 PM, Blogger slavemom said...

Des colours vy well... vy neat n not out of the line. She's vy good at using different colours for different sections of things, eg. kitchen cab n the drawers, towel n the polka dots on it.
It's really nice when the schl does crafts (esp for special occasions) for them to bring back. Makes us parents vy 'kam tung', rite? ;)

At Sun Jul 29, 09:23:00 AM, Blogger IMMomsDaughter said...

Very nice come my boy don't come back with such good ones :P

At Sun Jul 29, 03:13:00 PM, Blogger michelle said...

I like the color of the house.

At Wed Aug 01, 12:14:00 PM, Blogger chanelwong said...

Tracy, I am impressed with her..she did a great job..

At Fri Aug 03, 12:43:00 AM, Blogger laundryamah said...

wah this school cool leh..i like the house models!

At Wed Aug 08, 09:23:00 AM, Blogger Tracy said...

Haha, she was taught from small dat red are for girls and blue are for boys.

She always likes to colour her work with different types of colours (no colour taste hor?). Look at the sofa and TV set .... aiyo ... When I asked her why all different colours. She said 'nice mah' .... sigh ....

Oh? I guess ur boy's works are kept in the school and will be returned to him later.

Colour of the house in blue? Funny, her school's printed materials are blue in colour. But soothing, isn't it?

I'm impressed with what the school is teaching her.

Not only the house model. She does quite a lot of other crafts in school too and all are very cutie cutie ones.

At Mon Aug 13, 01:43:00 PM, Blogger J@n!ce said...

Nice piece of art work from your little gal. So sweet. I love the poem too :)


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