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Thursday, January 05, 2006

My Maid

My maid is a Muslim from Java Timur, Indonesia. Her name is Marsiti. She was 29 years old when she first came to work for me, now she’s 32 and has 2 children of her own – 15 and 13 years of age. She comes from quite a secluded area where there's no electricity and telephone lines. So when she first came I’ve to teach her how to use the electric appliances and almost everything. She takes and loves to eat khinzir’s meat. She hasn’t tasted the meat before and doesn’t get to eat meat (beef or chicken) unless occasionally on festive season or when a person passes away (dat was what she told me). Her food back in Indonesia will be rice (breakfast, lunch and dinner) with sambal chillies and sometimes veggie from her farm. She plants her own padi and veggie. She told me she doesn’t mind taking khinzir’s meat. If I buy outside food, I’m sure to order fried chicken for her. Now her favourite food is Kentucky Fried Chicken.

She was with me since Destinee was a month old. She went back to her hometown after the expiry of the contract of 2 years. I sent Destinee to a babysitter (thought to be a fren) but somehow Destinee was not being well treated. After about a year, I have to have a maid to do the house chores as I decided to go back to work (sorry, I’m not the type who can stay at home to look after my kid) and dat was when I was lucky to get my maid back again (I dared not get a new one for fear dat she’ll not be able to get along with Destinee and I’ve to start ‘teaching’ her from the beginning). I was so glad to hear dat she has built herself a house when she went back and she was so happy dat I decided to employ her again. My maid is one of those who really come to M’sia to work and not to ‘play play’.

This time round, I taught her how to cook and prepare soups and now sometimes my hubby praises her cooking. She takes care of Destinee, treats her as if she’s her own daugther and very protective of her too. She’ll never allow other kids to bully her. My maid used to sleep with Destinee when she was a baby but now I have Destinee to sleep with us and I’ll make sure dat Destinee ‘sticks’ to me whenever I’m around.

Sometimes I do raise my voice on her when she forgets but I’ll explain to her dat I’m teaching her and I’m glad she’s a very understanding one. She’ll sometimes say “Aiyo, saya tak da otak”. She hasn’t shown me her sour face before and always ever ready to learn and take my advices. Now she does her jobs without being told.

She used to eat a lot when she first came (at least 2 big plates or rice) but now she takes only 1 bowl of rice. And I’ll separate her food from ours i.e. once the food is cooked, I’ll immediately leave some for her and not after we’ve eaten therefore she gets to eat immediate cooked food too. She doesn’t waste food, eg. when we have leftovers, she’ll reserve the food for her next day’s lunch. She doesn’t like to go out, she dislike travelling in the car. She would rather stay at home with or without Destinee. Whenever we want to have dinner outside, she’ll request us to bungkus for her.

Whether the maids are young or old really depends on our luck. I can say dat I’m one of the lucky ones to get a good maid (keeping my fingers crossed).

Dat's my maid, Marsiti, with Destinee


At Thu Jan 05, 11:08:00 PM, Blogger Zara's Mama said...

My maid was like yours.. worked didn't want to continue, went back, then came back again, and I hired her back.

Now, she's been with me for 7 years.

Like yours too, she doesn't like to go out unless I said I need her b'cos I need her to jaga Zara. Or else, she prefers to stay home.

The only problem with mine is she is not married.. so when got construction workers working around our house, we can see her a bit fat-hao will go and chat up the guys. But then, we just warned her, she can befriend, but just don't yeh any sou-chao-si.

I wonder if she'll continue after this year's contract is expired.

At Fri Jan 06, 10:49:00 AM, Blogger Jesslyn said...

You are one the lucky family who can get such a good maid! Good for Destinee too...

At Fri Jan 06, 11:45:00 AM, Blogger Sabrina said...

You are lucky to have a good maid. I've got 2 terrible maids before and hopefully this 3rd one will be ok..Or else I am an unlucky person and I guess my life is to do my own house chores and no luck to own a maid.haha

At Fri Jan 06, 12:00:00 PM, Blogger Egghead said...

hahaha! last time when my parents hired a maid... we treat her like family only... we eat together one :P

At Fri Jan 06, 02:45:00 PM, Blogger Tracy said...

Zara's mama:
Wow, ur maid has been with u for 7 years? Dat's a long period. She doesn't yearn to go back?

Obviously she'll 'fat hao' a bit cos not married yet wor. But I guess u better keep an eye on her b4 she 'yeh' any 'sou chao si'. Who knows?

My maid oso told me she'll work as long as I need her.

Ya, ya, u can say dat again. But Agnes Zara'a mama) has a good maid too. Destinee likes my maid a lot and she gets to learn Malay words from her. FYI, my maid speaks understandable Malay like a M'sian and not like some who speaks with an Indon. slang.

U very bad luck lar and 'fu meng' hor. Hope the 3rd one will be a good one and I'll keep my fingers crossed for u.

Oh yes, I do treat my maid as one of us too but of course to a certain extent lar if not nanti climb over our heads lor.

At Sat Jan 07, 11:52:00 AM, Blogger Adrian & Alvan said...

Tracy, same here, me consider lucky also to have my maid, although she's been me for a year (till now) but she really did her work well include taking care of Adrian and Alvan, and I can see she really treated Adrian and Alvan as her own kids.
I do hope she may continue with me after her 2yrs contract.

At Sat Jan 07, 01:25:00 PM, Blogger Tracy said...

Ya, ya, *hi five*, really feel 'lega' when our maids are good.

Ha, ha, u've seen her 'live' on my webcam, rite? Big size hor?

At Sat Jan 07, 11:51:00 PM, Blogger TWO LITTLE FELLAS said...

heard more of bad maids than the good ones and from what i read, you are indeed lucky to have a good maid.

as for me and my hubby, we don't have a maid despite 2 kids. it's a personal preference that we want to keep our privacy and to leave us with no choice but to take care of the kids by ourselves apart from our working hours... must say it has been a tough 3 years consecutively but i guess we won't hesitate to do it again if we have to start all over... (or shall i think twice??? ha!ha!)

At Sun Jan 08, 08:29:00 AM, Anonymous louyau-mike said...

Hello Tracy ... i am just dropping by! How are you?

At Sun Jan 08, 12:41:00 PM, Blogger Tracy said...

Two little fellas's mum:
U think u prefer me addressing u as two little fellas mum, I'm sure u've a name, rite (hee, hee, lazy typing such a long addressee).

Good for u who can manage 2 kids on ur own. I do salute to moms who can take care of their own kids esp. full time moms. I would rather work. I just cannot sit at home to look after my kid. I'll end up in Tanjung Rambutan soonest (boo hoo hoo).

Thank you for dropping by. Welcome, welcome to Tracy's Nest. Nice to have u around. U sure are an interesting blogger.

At Mon Jan 09, 03:53:00 PM, Blogger TWO LITTLE FELLAS said...

my name is Lisa and to make your life easier, you can call me "M&B's mum" instead (Lisa is too common).

at times, i do feel like i'm half way to Tanjung Rambutan ...but the worst moment is over now- i hope.

At Tue Jan 10, 09:13:00 AM, Blogger jazzmint said...

u are sure a lucky one, even maid appears in ur blog hehehe...i wouldn't say mine is bad, but her work is up and down like roller coaster.

At Tue Jan 10, 07:12:00 PM, Blogger Tracy said...

M&B's mum:
Ha, ha, ha, dat's better. No need to type so long.

U see, sometimes reaching home after work, just feel like lying on the sofa but dat little 'monkey girl' of mine will sure come to disturb me. Even can't get a nice quiet meal sometimes ... sigh ... what to do. Understand dat she does miss me.

My maid sometimes do get on my nerves too but aiya just close one eye and advise her again lor. I don't like scolding her every time. If she does something wrong again after telling her, I'll do it myself and show her ... ini macam buat, tau tak.

At Fri Jan 13, 12:40:00 AM, Blogger 1+2mom said...

You are so lucky to have a good maid. For us, we scare already. No more maid for us, maybe later but not now. We hope can get a local maid which not stay with us, got 1 stranger at home do somethings also not syoik.


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