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Monday, May 15, 2006

Sweet Sweet Mother's Day

13th May, 2006
Celebrated Mother's Day a day in advance. Elyss called me a few days ago and asked me if I was free on Saturday (13th May). She wanted to treat me to dinner – to celebrate Mother's Day in advance. She came with Eugene, Charlett & their maid and took us (Pappy, me, Destinee and my maid) to Restaurant East of Highway (Serdang) for dinner. Besides other dishes, I had a sumptuous meal of my favourite – Sharksfin Soup and 'Kwai Fah Chi' (sharksfin fried with eggs and crabs meat – to be eaten wrapped in lettuce). Thank u so much Elyss and family.

Received a piece of folded paper from my cucu, Charlett, before she came running into the house.
Charlett: "Por por, Por Por, this is for u."
Me: "Huh? For me, this is for me?"
Charlett: "Yes, yes". *She was so excited*
Me: "What's dat?" I asked again and unfolding the piece of paper.
Charlett: "It's for u, it's for u, it's an apple."
Me: *blur blur, trying to figure out where the apple is* *Oh yes, found it*
Me: "Wah, Charlett's so clever, can draw Apple? Thank you so much, Charlett." *off she ran into the house to play with her Yi Yi (Destinee)*

Can u see where the apple is? (heehee). FYI, Charlett's is 2+ and speaks English with a few words of 'kwai lou' accent Cantonese.

14th May, 2006
MOTHER'S DAY. Destinee sang me "Se Sung Ji Yiou Ma Ma Hau" early in the morning and gave me a big hug and kissed me on the left, right cheek and forehead (taught to do so by Pappy).
I treated myself to my home-baked Banana Cake.
home-made "Yong Tau Foo". June, if u are reading this, look at the lady's fingers. Yum, yum, missed them? Hahaha! The 3 of us (Pappy, myself and maid) finished the whole lot.

In the morning when I was about to go to the market, my maid (Marsiti) requested me to buy something for her. So, bought the rice flour, kacang and buah keras. As usual, I would be lazying on the sofa, watching my TV programmes after coming back from marketting and Marsiti would be busy unpacking the meat & veggie and arranging them into the fridge. I didn't take notice of what she was doing in the kitchen. Suddenly, I heard pounding sound from the kitchen. Went into the kitchen and saw her pounding some buah keras in the pounder. I asked her what she was doing. She 'begged' me to go out and mumbled something like 'saya mau buat sesuatu bagi mam' (I want to make something for mam). I went out of the kitchen not without telling her not to mess my kitchen up.

After sometime, she came out from the kitchen with this:

And she said "Selamat Hari Ibu" (Happy Mother's Day). Oh, oh, oh, wasn't she sweet? Boy, was I touched. So thoughtful of her. She knew dat I love to eat the 'tepung kacang' (dunno the exact name) cos I would always buy some from the grocery store. I didn't know she could make them. Haiya, should have told me earlier so dat I would saved from buying them all these while. I know she won't be reading this but I would translate to her. Thank you so much, Marsiti!


At Mon May 15, 03:45:00 PM, Blogger blurblur said...

Yeah, i can see the apple, she can draw quite well for her age huh..

Wow, your maid very sweet you must be very touched..i guess you have very good relationship with her? :)

At Mon May 15, 04:37:00 PM, Anonymous Rachel said...

How sweet yr maid to make u the snack :), vy touching gift isn't it?
Look at Charlett drawing was like look at my son drawing, all the circle in circle, but I can see the apple :D..
Adrian also sang for me, taught by his school teacher, at first I dunno what he singing only heard "I Love u Mummy', after checked with his teacher only knew that is "I Love you Mummy deep down in my heart" hehehehee..

At Mon May 15, 04:43:00 PM, Blogger Jason said...

Hehe, your cucu is about the same age as your daughther. Hehe. Weird scene. :P

I WANT THAT BANANA CAKE!!! The Yong Tau Fu, errr... No need. :P

At Mon May 15, 05:08:00 PM, Blogger mumsgather said...

Wow. What a treat from your maid. Very thoughtful of her indeed.

At Mon May 15, 05:11:00 PM, Blogger Jesslyn said...

hey, i bake banana cake too! 3 cakes in a weekend! LOL..siao mummy!

your maid so sweet hor! u r so lucky!

Happy Mother's Day to u!

At Mon May 15, 05:26:00 PM, Blogger Tracy said...

Haiyo, dat little girl just simply drew, sometimes don't know what she's drawing but she'll tell me dat she's drawing 'something' which we have to crack our head to figure out (hahaha).

Ya ya, I sure have a good relationship with my maid and she treats my Des as if as her own.

Oh yes, I was touched when she handed me the plate of 'tepung kacang'. I'm keeping them in an airtight tupperware and slowly 'chiap'.

So sweet of Adrian to sing u the song too.

Ya lor, 1 year difference. Destinee is going to be 4 years and Charlett is going to be 3.

U want, u want? Next time lar. U come to my house. Maybe can organise with the rest to come over to my place.

Yes, yes, I didn't expect to receive the treat from her. So sweet of her indeed.

U like baking banana cakes too? I malu only lar cos it's the only cake which I can bake. *blush*

At Mon May 15, 06:01:00 PM, Blogger jazzmint said...

wah so syiok, even ur maid made the crackers for u. I love those too hehe....ur heart must have melted oredi lahh

At Mon May 15, 06:01:00 PM, Blogger Zara's Mama said...

Wah.. she made tempeyek for you.. how nice you maid.

My hubby and maid were busy trying to unclogged our water pipe.. so I don't have such wonderful celebration like you do..

At Mon May 15, 10:19:00 PM, Blogger mom2ashley said...

that's really thoughtful of your maid....

At Mon May 15, 10:42:00 PM, Blogger Tracy said...

Ya lor, I didn't in the least expect she would come up with the crackers as a Mother's Day gift for me. Heehee, not as melted as what Elyss and Destinee had given me.

Zara's mama:
Oh, those tepung kacang is called tempeyek? I asked Marsiti and she told me it's called Peyek in Javanese. Actually she's a good one. She even used her 'ang pow' money to buy things for Des. I hope she will renew her contract and continue working with me.

Water pipe clogged? Haiya, call the plumber lar.

Ya ya, it was so thoughtful of her.

At Tue May 16, 11:18:00 AM, Blogger Sabrina said...

How sweet....My step daughter Ruby didn't even wish me properly. Infact, after my hubby's aunty told her to do so, she can ask back "she's my mummy ah?" Then she kena scolding fr the aunty. Telling her that I am her mom as well as I am married to my hubby. I guess her mom has put in a lot of bad thoughts in her already.

At Tue May 16, 12:32:00 PM, Blogger Tracy said...

No worries lar Sab. Ruby is still young, I'm sure she will understand as she grows.

At Tue May 16, 08:15:00 PM, Blogger TWO LITTLE FELLAS said...

Tracy- you must be an angel to all- everyone loves u...right from your children...your cucu...and even your maid :)


At Tue May 16, 09:16:00 PM, Anonymous michelle said...

Did you make the yeong tau fu? Yummy. Happy Mother's Day!!

At Wed May 17, 05:21:00 PM, Blogger Tracy said...

Me an angel? Heehee, u really made me blush. I treat them well and love them so they treat me well and love me too. Not only they love me, my neighbours love me too OR do they love me or love my food? *wondering and eyes rolling* heehee.

Oh yes, I made the yeong tau fu myself, as usual get the fish paste from the ikan tenggiri. Yeong tau fu's one of my favourite dish, u like yeong tau fu too?

At Thu May 18, 10:08:00 PM, Blogger AsleyLee said...

So touching to hear the "mama" song! Don't know when my Jo can sing for me!

At Fri May 19, 09:43:00 AM, Blogger magictree said...

Eh Tracy, Where do you live ah? Maybe can become neighbours next time. I'll help you to test your food!!! Just kidding. I know I am late but 'Happy Mother's Day' anyway.

At Sun Jun 04, 11:23:00 AM, Blogger Tracy said...

Hui Sia:
Patience, patience. Jo Jo will be singing in no time.

Sorry for this late reply. I'm staying in Bkt. Serdang, Seri Kembangan. U're always welcome to test my good any time. Too bad u are not my neighbour *shake head*


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