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Friday, May 25, 2007


What do u have in mind? Gold! I'm talking about 'gold'. U see, I've been picking 'gold''black gold' every morning these days. Don't believe? See for urself!
Cannot see? Here's a larger image:

I even found 'gold' on the cover of my kaya container which I left on my dining table: Yucks!

Darn it! Dat's 'cicak's' (lizard) 'shit' (waste product)! I'm really getting fed-up with picking these type of 'gold' every morning. I told Pappy how I really wish they were really gold (even small bits), save bits by bits, I'll 'futt tatt" (rich) one day (ho ho ho) .... but ... sigh .... hard luck *dreaming, dreaming, dreaming*.
I really detest this cold blooded uninvited nuisance and its 'ci ci cak cak' sound every nite. The other day, I tak boleh tahan lagi (cannot bear any longer). I saw a cicak came out from beneath the fridge, I gave chase! I've been waiting, for any of them to come out from anywhere, with my weapon. I pressed on my weapon which I had ready on my working table. I pressed, pressed and pressed letting out sprays of unbearable smell of aerosol and at the same time giving chase to the cicak (which was quite slow and maybe a dumb one, heehee) and in the end, the cicak "fun tou' (overturned), cannot bear the smell from the sprays of my weapon and in the end (hahahaha) I WON!

Eeeeee....... It was not dead yet, it still struggled and kept kicking its limbs, trying to turn but too late, I got my broom and dustpan ready and not forgetting my trusty old-fashioned CAMERA. Click, before it went into the plastic bag and off it went into rubbish dump to don't-know-what -land.

Luckily, my weapon's waterbased and wherever I sprayed, it 'tidak meninggalkan kesan minyak' (did not leave any oily residues). Have a look at my weapon: (hahaha!)

Early this morning I caught another one in my kitchen sink (forgot to take pic.). Thanks to Pappy who left some 'cintan mee' in the sink yesterday nite after washing the pot (just cannot trust him to do the washing, I'm sure to have to pick up his 'sau mei' (rubbish which he leaves behind). The cicak was trying to escape but it couldn't climb up the slippery sink and quickly I got my 'trusty weapon' and sprayed and sprayed and sprayed until the cicak got 'mabuk' (drunk with inhaling the aerosol, heehee) and I quickly woke Pappy (he was still in dreamland kua) up and he was 'pun mung pun sang' (half dreaming, half awake) poured hot water over the reptile until it was 'still' (not moving). I forced Pappy to pick the dead cicak and threw it away in a plastic bag.

How many more of these reptiles are in my apartment??????!!!!!!!! Aaarrrrgggghhhh!!!!!!!

I know ways of getting rid of ants, cockroaches, rats (touch wood, touch wood, no rats) but CICAKS, HOW NEH?????


At Fri May 25, 06:03:00 PM, Blogger Annie said...

You have some "gold" with me...!

At Fri May 25, 07:53:00 PM, Blogger OnlineMummy said...

Wah! Your house is sure a dangerous place for cicaks...If they are smart, the better shift out!!Ha! Ha!

At Fri May 25, 10:41:00 PM, Blogger Etcetera~Mommy said...

OMG!!!!! I almost fainted when I saw that cicak pic... even as I type my hands are shivering!! Geli lor...

At Sat May 26, 12:00:00 AM, Blogger jazzmint said...

eww.......i hate cicaks!!!

At Sat May 26, 12:21:00 AM, Blogger Jacss said...

such a hilarious post! pasal cicak also can create such interesting post! good good......but very geli la....!!

At Sat May 26, 12:43:00 AM, Blogger 1+2mom said...

You can buy the 'cicak' house, so no need spry spry spry. It work, i catch it b4.It go in cannot come out cause it stick inside already. Most of the shopping center can get it.

At Sat May 26, 01:04:00 PM, Blogger Sue said...

Yeeee... geli la, everytime i see crawlies like the cicak and cochroach in my house I cannot tahan... samo so scared of them :(

At Mon May 28, 10:05:00 AM, Blogger Msau said...

oh? my block not many wor..hehe..maybe all run to urs home liao? too many delicious food guaa

At Mon May 28, 01:17:00 PM, Blogger Rachel said...

Cicak, look for Cicakman hahahaa..
Btw how to get rid of ants, my house got la, so sick of it..

At Mon May 28, 06:28:00 PM, Blogger laundryamah said...

yucks i hate cicak too! HATE IT! but but it will help get rid of insects wor...sigh

At Mon May 28, 11:31:00 PM, Blogger Oscar's Mommy said...

yucks!!! i hate it too. and i will do the same like you, spray it till it flipped!!!

At Tue May 29, 06:18:00 AM, Blogger mom2ashley said...

you can buy the cicak trap from any DIY shop. It's a mat with some super glue...go check it out. I know my colleagues have bought it in the DIY shop at Bangsar Village but I'm sure they have it in other DIY stores. Good luck!

At Tue May 29, 02:31:00 PM, Blogger Jessie Woo said...


i HATE creppy Crawlies yikes !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

At Tue May 29, 05:16:00 PM, Blogger blurblur said...

I'm so so afraid of lizards...they give me the creeps...i'll run for my life if i spotted very brave leh, still dare to kill it...i salute you...

At Tue May 29, 11:34:00 PM, Blogger Angeleyes said...

hahaha! So many 'gold' in your house ah?

Yeah, I find that KL has lots of this kinda pest! In Penang I only saw the grandchild size if not super gigantic which is always at the back so I don't bother!

At Wed May 30, 07:01:00 PM, Blogger Jessie Woo said...

Oh yeah u kena TAG by me :D

At Thu May 31, 02:26:00 AM, Blogger Tracy said...

Haha, if u din remind me I've oredi forgotten.

If they are smart, they better shift, if not ...... ngek, ngek, ngek.

Eeeee..... geli hor? It really took me some time to sweep the 'dead body' into the dustpan and dump it into the plastic bag leh.

Not only u, I guess lots of ppl hate the reptile too except those ppl who use them as baits for fishing or as food for the arowanas.

My girl always wants me to open this post to look at the dead cicak and tells me the place where I battled it to death. Hahaha.

Huh? Got meh? Cicak house? So have to throw away the house after the cicak's trapped inside it?

U're oso scared of the crawlies. I can catch the cockroach with my bear hands!

*duh* I think I better chase all the cicaks to ur block. Kekeke.

Can get those 'ant powder' from the market.

Aiyo, so do u want the cicaks to be in ur house or not?

*Hi Five*

Thanks for the info. I'll try to search for the cicak trap.

*apply 'fung yau' to ur nose* Wakey, wakey.

No choice. They got on my nerves so I need to get rid of one or more if not all.

Ya lor, lots of 'black gold' to pick. Grandchild size? Aiyo, they will grow to gigantic ones leh.

Sudah buat lor.

At Sun Jun 03, 04:16:00 AM, Blogger Twin said...

aiks!! i hate lizards .. it gives me goosebumps .....

At Wed Jun 06, 10:18:00 AM, Blogger Annie Q said... advertisement for Ridsect kah? Funny & interesting post about lizard.Hmmmm..for myself lizard ok la..but i hate the most is rats, and is 10x more geli than lizard!!!!! Yucks!

At Wed Jun 06, 03:02:00 PM, Blogger Zara's Mama said...

Quite irritating huh these 'gold' pieces.

I don't mind lizzards, because they eat up the mosquitos in the house.. but I can't stand them leaving their droppings every where.. blech!

At Sun Jun 10, 12:51:00 AM, Blogger michelle said...

There is this cicak repellent in the market. My hubby forbid me to buy because he claims the cicak will keep the mosquito and ants away. Sigh!

At Tue Jun 12, 11:55:00 AM, Blogger Allyfeel said...

Hmm..tracy, may be try calling those ants ppl to help u with a better n odourless spray. Pls dun do it people to do the job la to prevent them from coming rather than killing them.

At Sun Dec 27, 02:41:00 AM, Blogger Anna said...

I'm having a similar problem now. Did you ever find a white/yellow capsule laying beside the dropping or "gold" as you call it? I thought it was a mouse but maybe it's the cicak as we have plenty of those in and out of our house. I only see the droppings in the kitchen though. No where else in the house. Thoughts?


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