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Thursday, May 31, 2007

My Favourite Food in Pudu

Waiyo, I was not only tagged by Jess (I owed her this tag quite some time back) but oso tagged by Jessie. Better not dilly dally with this 'homework' any more or else I'll be 'jeered' by Sasha again. *blek*

As what Jess mentioned, I really don't have one favourite food, I have LOTS. I can't find any food dat really interests me in the area where I stay but I have lots in the area where I worked (worked? cos I'm working at home now *duh*). Actually I've posted the food (oso one of my lunchies during the days when I was working in Pudu) in one of my earlier post here.

My favourite is:

Beef Noodles (with lots of spring onions and parsely)

(psst, psst Jess, didn't expect my favourite food is the same as urs hor? But I guess the taste is completely different).

If u are familiar with Pudu, the stall is just situated behind Caltex Station and the former Majestic Theatre. The story of this Beef Noodles stall was featured in one of the Chinese Magazine – Famous Cuisine No. 34.

Whenever I go to the stall, I don't have to make any order, the 'young and handsome' seller will know what I want (regular customer mah). The normal bowl of beef noodles will cost RM4.00 per bowl but for mine I've to pay RM6.00 cos I always want mine to 'ka liu' (extra beef).

Boo hoo hoo, I really miss this stall's Beef Noodles.

***Start Copy***

Proposition: What is your favorite food in your state or country?

Requirements: Find some info about the food and show delicious pictures of it.

Quantity: FIVE PEOPLE.

Tag Mode: You leave their blog and post link and add to the list below.

From Jess:

Mybabybay loves Asam Laksa from Penang, Malaysia
JustMyThoughts loves Penang Char Koay Teow
Lovely Mummy loves Ipoh Dim Sum
loves SK Spicy Pig Stomach Soup
Jesslyn likes Tangkak beef noodles.

Tracy loves Beef Noodles (Pudu)

From Jessie:

Mybabybay loves Asam Laksa from Penang, Malaysia

JustMyThoughts loves Penang Char Koay Teow

My Lil Venture loves Laksa Sarawak

Monterssorimum loves Teluk Intan Chee Cheong Fun

Chinnee loves Melaka Wan Tan Mee

PeimunLeah loves Hakka Lei Cha

Hui SiaJonamumKaren loves Pan Mee

Something about Lai loves Crispy duck skin from China

Simple American loves Cheese Enchiladas

Nicole Tan loves Char Tau Kueh

Velverse loves Otak-otak

Kenny Ng loves Jawa Mee

Fatty Poh loves Nasi Dagang Kelantan

wmw loves Kuih Tutu

Jackson loves Chicken Rice

MeiyeN loves Chocolate Fudge Brownie

Jessie loves Expresso Cheese Cake

Tracy loves Beef Noodles (Pudu)

Okay done. I'm sure most of the bloggers have done this tag and I don't think I want to tag any one.


At Thu May 31, 01:49:00 AM, Blogger Jesslyn said...

wow u posted food at this hour?? I am damm hungry now!

At Thu May 31, 02:04:00 AM, Blogger Tracy said...

No choice, got to do this homework if not I don't know when it'll be done. And what are u doing at this hour?

At Thu May 31, 09:48:00 AM, Blogger chanelwong said...

oppss you remind me that actually I owe someone this tag too...

At Thu May 31, 02:38:00 PM, Blogger Jesslyn said...

I got to finish my pending paid posts lor... :)

At Wed Jun 06, 11:13:00 AM, Blogger Rachel said...

Wau..look yummilicious wor, here also have 1 hawker sell beed noodle vy nice..mari mari..

At Wed Jun 06, 03:04:00 PM, Blogger Zara's Mama said...

sorry.. don't take beef.

At Sun Jun 10, 12:53:00 AM, Blogger michelle said...

I love beef noodles too and it taste better if the chili is good.

At Tue Jun 12, 11:50:00 AM, Blogger Allyfeel said...

Looks yummy la..unfortunately I dun take beef. The nearest I had tried is probably chicken noodle with Lemon and beansprout that serve by Vietnamese restaurant.

At Tue Jun 12, 02:24:00 PM, Blogger Elly said...

hi! that bowl of noodles looks yummy...sadly i dun take beef! used to but not anymore.

hey, i've tagged u. do it when u r free ok. thks!

At Thu Jun 21, 11:16:00 AM, Blogger Tracy said...

Really? When I visit u, u treat me okay? *wink wink*

Zara's and Zaria's Mama
Too bad, too bad. I know u are one who don't take pork too. Vegetarian?

Oh yes, the chillie's very good too.

Beef very tasty wor.

U used to take beef but don't anymore, praying to "Kwan Yin?"

Eiks! What tag is dat? I 'hutang' dulu ya?


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