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Monday, February 26, 2007

5 things u don't know about me

This is a back-dated post and not to disappoint Jessie.
Was reading Jessie's post about 5 things u do not know about me and I had this hunch I will be tagged (on the other hand, I was hoping she won't tag me) but when I scrolled to see whom she tagged, I saw my name on the top! Gaks!
Better do my homework. Sorry, Jessie, for this delay.

Let’s see, what 5 things you do not know about me…

  1. I'm older than Pappy by six years and he's my 2nd husband.
  2. I'm oredi a grandmother. My elder daughter is 29 years old (from my 1st marriage and Des is 5 years old (of course from Pappy). My cucu is a year younger than Des. My 2nd cucu is on the way.
  3. I do not know how to drive nor do I know how to swim. *paiseh, paiseh* To Jess (Wien's and Lyon's mommy), if u are reading this, now u know why I will never get driving 'samans'. hahaha. And to bloggers, now u all know why I always turn down invitations to gatherings.
  4. I'm a very emotional person. My eyes will automatically be filled with tears at teeny weeny upset matters.
  5. I don't like cheese cakes and liquors (clearly states dat I don't eat cheese cakes and I don't drink).
Okie. Done. Jessie, hope I didn't let u fall from ur chair. Hahahahaha.


At Mon Feb 26, 06:04:00 PM, Blogger Jessie Woo said...

Haha good job no la wher can fall so easily my butt so big kekeke .. thank you yeah ..

At Mon Feb 26, 08:46:00 PM, Blogger Sasha said...

alamak manyak delay ini tag la..

At Wed Feb 28, 01:25:00 AM, Anonymous Angeleyes said...

Must come out for meet next time!!!!

At Wed Feb 28, 10:55:00 AM, Blogger Tracy said...

In dat case must meet u and see how big ur butt is lor. Hahahahaha.

But at least I did my homework. Better late than never and I don't want to disappoint Jessie mar.

Oh, sure sure. I'm looking forward to dat but hor .... I need a 'chauffeur' leh. Heehee.

At Wed Feb 28, 04:54:00 PM, Anonymous babykhong said...

At least I know you better now! :-)

At Wed Feb 28, 05:14:00 PM, Blogger Tracy said...

Haha, know me better? Now dat u know dat I'm a grandma? No worries, I'm a very up-to-date one.


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