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Friday, May 18, 2007

10 things I dislike about my hubby

Has been tagged by this lovely mommy of Qiqi, Chinnee. I thought I don't have to do this tag but oops seems dat I cannot escape. I don't think I would like the word 'hate', so I changed it to 'dislike' instead (soli, Chinnee).

And thank you Chinnee for letting me 'pour out' about my dislikes about Pappy. I think I would like to do this tag without hesitating.
  1. Don't expect Pappy to be the romantic type. I can't even remember if he has given me any surprises. *duh*

  2. He's one of those "China apek way of thinking" man.

  3. Always on last minute move whenever we go out and I'll always be the one rushing him.

  4. Often likes to leave things like newspaper around the house, in the toilet after doing his 'business', in the hall, in the room.

  5. Forgetful, seldom remember where he put his things esp. his specs. At one time, he even put his specs inside the fridge after getting something and searched high and low for it.

  6. No way he'll cook except fry 'cintan mee'.

  7. Never help to prepare the dinner table. Come back from work, he'll sit on the sofa and wait for his meal. After eating, he'll leave everything on the table, lie on the sofa and reads his newspaper. He does, sometimes, wash the dishes but no thank u to him, I need to 'chap' (clean) his 'sau mei' (aftermath) after he leaves the sink with 'rubbish' and I need to check the utensils to see whether they are really clean cos at many times there's still grains of rice stucked on the fork/spoon and the dishes are still oily. "Yucks" Sometimes I do tell him off dat my maid did a better job than him and he dared to complain about her for not washing properly. *duh*

  8. Pampered Destinee too much dat she's not in the least scared of him and dat makes me the 'bad' person.

  9. Seldom help with the household chores except clean the ceiling fan.

  10. He SNORES very loudly dat I've to shove him every now and then and sometimes I would 'kick' him out to another room.

Well, as most of u oredi knows dat Pappy's my 2nd husband, my 1st so-called husband is NOTHING compared to him. Therefore, I feel I just cannot only complain about Pappy, he has his good points which I would like to add (soli for violating the rules):

  1. He's a very good tempered hubby. He's always been praised by my frens (who knows him) and relatives (esp. my sis, June who always praised him to be a 101% 'hou hou sin sang' (good man) dat it's hard to find such a good tempered one.

  2. He always let me 'futt lou sou' (grumble and nag) and very, very, very seldom 'fire' me back.

  3. He's a doting and caring father to Destinee.

  4. He's my best chauffeur in the sense dat wherever and whenever I want to go anywhere, he's sure to chauffeur me.

  5. He's not the nosy type. Never mind about ppl's business.

  6. He's soft spoken. If he doesn't know u well, don't expect him to talk much.

  7. He pays for all the expenses, dat's why he's very stingy with his money.

  8. Most of all, he CARES about me.

Done. I would very much like to tag Rachel, Jaclyn and Prudy on this.


At Sun May 20, 12:41:00 AM, Blogger Sasha said...

pandai ah. Tampar 10 kali sayang 8 kali. Chap tou loh.

At Sun May 20, 10:20:00 PM, Blogger Jacss said...

ha ha ha ha....put his spec in the fridge, i like that, how blur!!!

But u really got me shock leh.... saw my name got tagged..1st time ma, dun believe... have to click to confirm if it's me, aduh...yes, but i felt happy actually coz it made me feel i'm part of the blogsphere too!!

I'll do my part...maybe later when i'm free, do check out!

At Mon May 21, 11:03:00 AM, Blogger Allyfeel said...

aiks...he is gonna kill me if I tell everyone his bad points. kekeke! Eh..most men are like that one, but a good temper one is really rare. ;) you are lucky.

At Thu May 24, 08:47:00 AM, Blogger Tracy said...

Of course mar, tampar banyak mesti sayang sikit jugak.

I tell u hor, dat Pappy's always a blur blur sotong one.

Hahaha, ur hubby reads ur blog? Mine doesn't, so I no sked one. Ya ya, he sure is one good tempered man *keeping my fingers crossed dat he'll be like dat FOREVER*


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