Tracy's Nest

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Happy Birthday to Destinee

Today's Destinee's actual birthday. NO celebration for her today. Don't know why whenever (for the past 3 years) we mention to have a birthday celebration for her, she will be sick. The first 2 years she had to visit the doctor in the morning of the day of her birthday itself! Last year, we didn't mention about any celebrations but on dat day itself we bought a cake and had a simple dinner, she was okay!
Last week, Pappy and I were discussing to have a small celebration. We intended to buy her an ice-cream cake and to invite a few of her little frens BUT she has to be 'coughing her head off' the past few days! .... sigh ..... Too bad, it's just going to be birthday wishes only. She loves receiving birthday wishes. When we wished her "Happy Birthday" this morning, she was grinning from side to side in a shy manner and asked me "Mommy, mommy, today's Yau Yau's birthday ar?" I answered "Ya lor, Yau Yau is exactly 4 years old today. Yau Yau is a big girl lor, cannot be naughty". And she answered "Okay lor". *Wonder if she understands*.
*Heehee, maybe she has been celebrating too many birthdays and singing too many birthday songs (she has been asking us to buy her cakes biweekly/monthly).