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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Last day of school and Prize Presentation

Finally, 20th November saw the last day of school for the year 2009. Ooooo...... time passed so fast and it was like yesterday my girl started going to Std. 1 and now she had finished Year 1. Recalling of her crying for the 1st 6 months every morning when she reaches school gives me the shudders. I was sitting down here and trying to retrieve what I did during the past months. *blank*

Actually Des need not go to school but as there was no one to look after her for me, I had to drag her along to attend the Prize Presentation and Farewell Bidding for the Std. 6 students organised by the school. Yup, as a PIBG member, I was invited.

I called Dr. Loh the previous nite to see whether I could 'tumpang' his car. I was in luck, he wanted to attend too, not becos he was a PIBG member but his daughter, Christine, was one of the prize winners.

We started off at about 6.45 a.m. and after sending Fanny off to work in HUKM, we reached the school at about 7.10 a.m. (no jams at all) and had to wait until 8 a.m. before we were ushered into the school's 'mini' community hall. Hopefully the new 2-storey building with the community hall will be ready before the school reopens next year.

Poor Des, she was the only Std. 1 student, besides the 3 prize winners from her class, who went to school dat day. She refused to sit with her seniors and started to cry and I had to let her sit with me. She cried the first day and (who would have thought she would cry) the last day of school. *duh* *shakes head* .... sigh .....

The 3 brilliant students from Des's class,
Joey Yap, Thong Kai Wen and Christine Loh

The Stage

The Trophies

The Prize winners

The school leavers (Std. 6 students)

Christine receiving her prize

Model student from Co-curriculum category

Model Student (Girl)
Sheryl (Uncle's Ooi's grand-daughter)

Model Student (Boy)

We were entertained performances by the students.

Chinese Yoyo

The School's Band.

Solo Organ player

A dance, a short humorous sketch (Modern Cinderella)
and a song rendered by the school leavers.

Handshaking moments to bid Bye-bye
from the Std. 6 pupils.
Such a 'heavy heart' and sad scene.
I'm sure most of the students and teachers
were trying to hold back their tears.




Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Children's Day 2009

Destinee's school celebrated Children's Day on 30th October, 2009. There were a few events - Clown & Fan dance, Percussion, Wushu, individual performances – strumming of the guitar + singing, violin playing and games. Des participated in two of the events - Clown + Fan Dance and Feeding a bottle of drink to a classmate.

Doesn't she look funny?
The hat was so big dat 2 clips were needed to pin it in place
or ..... hmmmm ..... her head's too small? (hahaha).

Des and her classmates waiting for the 'Feeding Drink' game.
The kids were so excited.

Des 'feeding' Kai Wen. (Picture courtesy of Teacher Gooi)
Des said she likes Kai Wen *roll eyes* *sweats*.

The class's decorations and the yummy yummy food
brought by the parents.
There was a Children's Day cake and Gift Packs too.

The kids enjoying to the games of
'Passing the Balloons around' and
'大风吹' (Blowing of the Wind)

Musical Chair.

The kids munching away and enjoying the food.
There were so much food, expected by Teacher Gooi,
dat the kids were asked to bring along containers
to 'tar pau' the food back.

Get together and SMILEEEEEEE .......
The drawing on the white board was drawn by their
Art teacher, Teacher Loo.
The hats were made by the kids during Art class taught by
Teacher Loo too.

Another pic by the 'mischievous students' of Class 1 S with
their class teacher, Teacher Gooi and BM teacher, Cikgu Wee.

It was as if the kids were still in kindergarten and I'm sure they enjoyed themselves very much. They have the full attention from the teachers and every student has a chance in participating, be it in competitions or games. Dat's the privilege of being in a 'small' school (heehee).

Front: Chang Shiau Huei, Joey Kok, Ally Cheah (Monitor),
Joey Au, Christine Loh, Teacher Gooi, Joyce Yap, Yap Hoi Sei,
Chang Pei Shan, Destinee Lee
Back: Pang Kah Lok, Vernon Choo, Kenny Loh,
Thong Kai Wen (Asst. Monitor), Tham Yue Shuen, Ong Yuan Hung,
Thomas Loh, Kong Weng Yin, Leong Ying Hung, Nicholas Choo

I love this pic and I love these kids.
Mischievous yet cute little ones.
I'm sure they would have sometimes made their
teachers 'puke blood' and would like to
'cekik' them. (hahaha)