Tracy's Nest

Thursday, October 22, 2009

A Little Update

Pappy finally went to see a psychiatrist and is on medication at the moment. He needs a lot of rest and must not be too stressful and he can't even lift heavy stuffs or walk fast (his heart will start 'thumping'). He can sleep well and appetite is okay now. He still has this phobia of being 'out of breath'. He really needs time to recuperate from the ordeal.

I've been quite busy lately. I'm back in the office helping Pappy with most of the work esp. carrying piles of printed work and there's Des with her homework and final exam (ok, ok, she's only in Std. 1 but still ..........).

As what Magictree said, 'we're so lucky dat there are kind souls around'. I'm really blessed to have quite a number of friends, who has been helping me with so many matters, especially

Dr. Loh & Fanny - who helped me to find and persuade Uncle Ooi to send Des to school early every morning.
Ah Ni - who helped me pick Des after school when Pappy cannot make it.
Lee Hung - who helped me out in the office.
Elyss, Eugene, Elaine (Des's godmother), Janice, Willy, Pun, Bao Li, Su Chung, Chew Foong, Cathy, Keong, JE, Weng, Kong, Fang - calling us every now and then to see if we needed help.
And most of all, June who is ever ready to lend me her ears and imaginary shoulder.

I really appreciate the calls, emails and sms from friends and bloggers. Thank u so much again.