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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Meme – 5 Favourite M'sian Bloggers

I got tagged! This time by this "Moo Moo Cow" way up north and I missed the chance to meet her and her chubby handsome little prince when she was in KL recently. Never mind, there's always a next time.

Luckily I don't have to crack my brains to name them cos once I go blog hopping I'll definitely go into these blogs first. Here goes:
a Michelle's blog was the very first blog I visited and she was the 1st person who encouraged me to start a blog of my own. Since then I've been a great fan of hers (wonder if she knows).
5xMom – started reading this incredible mom's blog when I accidentally 'clicked clicked clicked' into someone's blog and found dat I just got addicted reading her posts nearly every day.
Patrick Teoh – I had been listening to his programmes on the radio since my school days and was my favourite deejay those days. The 'duck' story still lingers in my mind. I love the way he writes in his blog – just hantam saja!
Mumsgather – I was recommended to read this mommy's blog by a mommy (sorry, forgotten who). It was from her blog I learnt about kids' stuffs and where I got the kids' links for my girl. She has her way of writing her posts.
Sasha's blablabla – I guess I'm quite new to her blog but when I got to know her blog, I just love reading her hilarious daily 'blablabla' and her joyful baby Jayden's happenings. Reading her posts always makes my day.
Okay, done. Sorry Alice, I know this homework is a bit late but better late than never hor? As this homework was 'passed up' late, I don't think I would want to tag anyone.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Special cake

Guess most people haven't tasted this cake before (except 'Malaccans'). To my knowledge it can only be found in Malacca. Jason was asking me whether I would like to try the cake the other day as he was making some orders and would be delivering them to KL. The cake featured in his blog looks very delicious and unique. So, maybe I should give it a try to see whether if it's as delicious as what he described (if it's not nice, I'll throw it back at him, hahaha).

There are 3 kinds of flavours – original, green tea and cheese. As I don't quite like the taste of green tea or cheese, I ordered the original flavour. Jason was not familiar with the area where I stay, I had to meet him at a place where he could hand me the cake. I was lucky dat Msau ordered a cake from Jason too and she could drive me to get the cake from him. Yesterday was the first time I met Jason whereas Msau has met him a number of times.

View of the whole cake which was proportionately cut.
The whole cake cost me RM65 but it was worth it.

The layers of the cake.

It was what Jason described:

"The cake actually consists of 19 to 20 slices of cream and “pancake”. As in, first layer of crust, then followed by a layer of cream, then crust, then cream, then crust, then cream, then crust, then cream, then crust, then cream, then crust, then cream, then crust, then cream, then crust, then cream, then crust, then cream, then crust, then cream, then crust, then cream, then crust, then cream, then crust, then cream, then crust, then cream, then crust, then cream, then crust, then cream, then crust, then cream, then crust, then cream, then crust, then cream, then crust, then cream, then crust".

What I can describe is dat the cake is simply deliiiiiiciiioooous, no doubt it's a bit creamy! If there's strawberry flavour, I'm sure it'll taste more 'slurp slurp slurp'. Pappy was not in favour of cakes and at one glance at it, he said "so creamy". I gave him a piece to try and I told him if at one bite he didn't like, I can finish off for him. He tried the first bite, he said "very weird". After dat he 'walloped' the whole piece and went to get his 2nd!

U want to know more about the Mille Crepe, visit here.

Nice meeting u in person, Jason! And thank u very muchie for recommending the Mille Crepe (no worries, I won't throw the cake back at u). Hahaha.

Friday, January 19, 2007

Feeling sooooo tensed

I haven't felt sooooooo tensed as what I'm experiencing now. I worry and worry and worry and there are a lot of things in my mind lately. Do mommies whose kids who are going to school have the same tensed feeling?

Some of u might have guessed rite. It happened since Destinee entered kindy the past 3 weeks. I've been calling her class teacher 3 times since Des started school (so far once every week) to know how Des was progressing *geks*.

We have to sleep early which I'm really not used to. We used to sleep at about 12 midnite and sometimes at 1 a.m. cos I usually bring my work back from office but now we have to go to bed at about 10 p.m., the latest by 10.30 p.m., so far no late exceptional cases. Not only dat, I have to get up early in the morning at about 7 a.m. (I used to get up at 8.30 a.m.). One thing good about Des is dat she'll immediately get up once I wake her and yes WITHOUT any fuss. If there's something good, there's bound to be something bad – one thing bad is dat she has to watch T.V. (her favourite POCOYO on Astrol Channel 63) while getting ready (drinks her milo or cereal or milk and changing) in which I don't mind as long as she doesn't put on a 'struggle' (refusing this and dat) in getting ready.

The 1st few days were not too pleasing cos she did refuse to go to school. On the 2nd day, she told me she cried in class and when I asked her why, she told me a 'kor kor' took her book. I called the class teacher and she explained to me dat the boy doesn't know how to read his name and accidentally took Des's book. The teacher did ask the boy to apologise to Des. Okay, I accepted the explanation.

One day during the 2nd week of school, Des brought back an exercise book in which I need to fill our (Pappy and mine) particulars (name, address, h/p no.) and there was the name and phone of Des's class teacher written in it too. I asked Des what the book was for but Des didn't seem to understand why she had brought the book back. I called her teacher and she told me the exercise book acts as a communication between the school and the parents. I asked her how Des was in class and I was informed Des was doing fine (gee, was I happy to hear dat).

Another day, when I was in the office, I called Des (I call her everyday when she's back from school, *blek*) and she told me she cried in class again. *Gaks!* I asked her why, she said she misses Mommy, Pappy and Kakak. Gosh! Oh dear, I've to call her class teacher again. Teacher Mary was very nice and explained to me dat Des wasn't crying but tears were overwhelming her eyes only (oh, dat's not crying eh?). I was told dat Des doesn't like to join kids who are a bit 'rough' and who are loud spoken. She told me there's another teacher teaching the class English and both she and the other teacher will take turns. The other teacher is a loud spoken lady in which Des is scared of and Des's always asking for Teacher Mary. Des is not very cooperative in interacting with the rest of the kids too. When the kids are singing and playing, she will stand at one end and keep watching only. *dead* I know this girl of mine too well. She's not warm up yet. I'm sure some of the bloggers know my girl doesn't like to mix and play at the beginning. Teacher Mary did advised Des dat she has to sing and play along with the other kids. I informed the teacher of Des 'weird' character and she said just give Des some time. Except for this, Des is fine with her writings and readings. I was really consoled by Teacher Mary's words. She's a very understanding and responsible teacher *keeping my fingers crossed*. Teacher Mary oso told me dat Des and a Malay girl will always stick together cos the Malay girl is oso small in size and she's soft spoken. The Malay girl likes her becos Des can speak Malay with her (heehee).

When I went home dat nite, I had a good talk with Des, advising her dat she needs to cooperate with the rest of her little friends a school and whenever there's music lesson, she needs to sing loudly. I assured her dat teacher will praise her for dat. The next day, Des told me she did sing loudly and sang along with her other friends (Yippeee!).

I wonder why Des was given so much homework everyday. Do other kindies give much homework too? *wondering* Des is not the one getting stressed about this, MOMMY IS THE ONE! At work, I worry what and how much homework she has and I will call her everyday whether there's homework or not and I will ask my maid to help my girl out and I will finish guiding her with whatever she has not finished when I go home. There are colouring, writings in Chinese, English and Bahasa. Reading her school books, I will read with her in bed before she goes to sleep. And sometimes I've to read her stories (in which she loves to listen and I've been doing this since she was in her baby days) before sleeping so as to reward her for being a good girl and finishing her homework. Phew! there's so much to do every day and I feel my high blood pressure 'shooting' up and I'm tiring out!

Sometimes when Des brings her books back, I don't know if ALL the work must be finished cos some of the pages were marked in red 'HW' (Homework) or 'RK' (Rumah Kerja) but some were not marked but the work has been done half way in class, so, need she finish them at home? I usually make her finish ALL the work, just in case. If she's in a good mood, she'll finish her homework very fast but when she's not in the mood, she'll not only dilly dally and giving all sorts of excuses, she'll simply scribble until which I've to praise her, 'bride' her to finish and do her work properly. Am I pressuring my girl? I don't need my girl to be a genius but as long as she follows and understands, I'll be sooooo thankful.

I always wonder how the kids who can't write and read well going to cope with the heavy workload of homework. I'm not saying dat my girl can write and read well but I've observed a few kids in Des's class who are just starting to read (ABCs) and Teacher Mary did tell me dat some cannot even hold the pencils properly. How?

Today, there's Chinese spelling test!
*dead* The words are not too difficult to write but still ..... can she remember and can she write what I've revised with her? *duh* Looks at if I'm the one going back to school! *double duh*

Other mommies whom I know who are feeling the pressure of kids going to school are Mott ; Jess ; Desperatemummy ; LaundryAmah

Getting her registered in Primary school is another tensed matter. Chinese or Kebangsaan school? Pappy and I have been debating since 2 years ago. I want my girl to go to a Kebangsaan school and Pappy wants her to go to a Chinese school. Sorry to say I don't know Chinese (I can even get the dots and strokes wrong), how to teach my girl? Don't expect Pappy to have the time to sit down and teach her – no way! Pappy did analyse dat the usage of Chinese language will be in great demand in future (really?).

I'm oredi so tensed now, what if Des is going to Primary, Secondary, College ........??? *dead, dead, dead*. Need to go somewhere to shout out loud otherwise my whole head will be filled with 'uban' (grey hair) and I need some air to breathe.


updated 5.44 p.m:
Just read LaundryAmah's post on her Kieran's homework. Gosh oh Gosh! 10 pages of homework from a Chinese school and the boy is only 7 years old! I'm really going to have 2nd thoughts and going to 'brainwash' Pappy from sending Des to a Chinese school! Do Kebangsaan schools 'pressure' kids with so much homework? Can someone out there enlighten me?

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Bloggers' Gathering (13/1/07)

After reading some of the bloggers' posts about the gathering, I can't control myself but write about it too.

It was Angeline and Annie Q who asked me at msn whether I was interested to join the gathering and I told them I had to get permission from my 'boss and chauffeur' first in which I had a strong feeling I would not be able to make it BUT he gave me the green light and I immediately told them I was able to join them! (YIPPEE!)

I told Annie Tan – mommy of Catherine [Ah Girl] and Shawn [Ah Di]) and Michelle – mommy of SQ and Kiki). Annie was interested but Michelle was not able to make it as her Kiki was not feeling well but I finally managed to meet Michelle, SQ and Kiki (whom I've not met before) on Friday nite in our apartment.

Finally came Saturday, at about 5.45 p.m., as I was getting ready to go out, Annie called and told me she was on her way and about 6.15 p.m., she told me she has reached oredi! Wow! She was early! The dinner scheduled to be at 7 p.m. (latest 7.30 p.m.).

When I reached the place, I could only see Seafood Paradise but no Charcoal Bay in sight! My 'chauffeur' drove out of the entrance and I called Annie to direct me (and to say I was supposed to direct her *duh*) but suddenly I noticed the Charcoal Bay signage below the Seafood Paradise's. I took Des and on my way into the restaurant, the first who caught my attention were Egghead with J and Luke! Then I recognised Annie with Catherine. I saw somebody carrying a chubby baby and she was Shannon. The rest came one after another and everyone who came was made to guess who is who (everyone was so smart).

My 'koala bear' (Des) was clinging to me throughout and I was unable to get my camera to snap. Below are pictures courtesy of Shannon (Thank u so very muchie Shannon and Hubby Tecky for using their 'canggih' camera to snap so many pics).

Chatting with Annie while waiting for the rest to arrive. Notice dat 'koala bear' of mine? *shake head and .... sigh .....*

All waiting to be served.

Eiks, dat's not lemonade meh? Angie thought it was green tea and
Egghead thought they were drinks but wondered how come no glasses?
We had a good laugh after Annie's hubby told us
those were jugs of soup. Hahaha! (so paiseh)

Want to have a look at what Charcoal Bay look like
and want to know what we had, visit
here (courtesy of Annie Q)

It was 'makan' (eating) and 'borak-borak' (chatting) time.

Dat's Ivan (Allyfeel's handsome BB), riding a 'horse' or
was he driving a train?

Ivan with his 'passengers' and Kieran (LaundaryAmah's handsome prince) instructing Ivan to drive on .......

Later a cake was brought in and only did we realise dat it was LaundryAmah's and Annie Q's forthcoming birthday.

'Yummy, Yummy' said the kids.

Everyone getting ready for the group photo. Say 'cheeessseeeee'

Seated in front: Annie Q and hubby with Fearles and Cruz; Angeline
Seated behind: Mr. Chan, Sasha and Jayden;
Standing: Tecky, Shannon and Rachel; Laundryamah (Peggy), oops, where's Kieran and Kylie?; Desperatemummy (Eva); Allyfeel (Prudy) and Ivan; Annie Tan; Mott (Su Kim); Catherine; Destinee; Tracy; Patrick (Egghead) and J with Luke.

End of the Gathering with everyone saying Bye-Bye till we meet again!

Thanks everyone for the wonderful time and Angeline for the deliiiciiiousss cake!

U want more? U can visit here ; here ; here and here

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Wondering but it is true!

We were chatting at msn one day when Sasha recommended us to read this particular blog. Sasha said this blogger looks familiar and looks like her friend and I do remember telling Sasha dat the blogger looks familiar to me too. She is none other than Desperate Mummy (mommy to Brian and Calista).

I had been chatting with Desperate Mummy aka Eva at msn with the rest every now and then but did not really get to know her.

It was yesterday when I was chatting with Annie Q about the bloggers' meeting on Saturday (13th) and Eva was added into the chatroom. We chatted for some time until Eva asked me where I was staying and working. I told her where I stayed and dat I'm working in Pudu and she told us dat her former school was in Pudu. I joked on she might be one of my elder daughter's (Elyss) classmate cos Elyss studied in the school she mentioned too. I queried Eva how old she was and confirmed on the year she was born. Wow! She's the same age as Elyss!

We paused for a moment not without Annie 'interrupting' with her 'suspense' remarks (heehee, sorry Annie, we left u out for a moment). I later asked Eva if the name (Elyss's full name) rang a bell to her. She immediately replied telling me she not only know Elyss, she WAS a classmate of Elyss and Maggie (niece of Pappy)! Gosh! My mind went 'blank' for a moment! (Annie, it was me who nearly fainted, heehee). I was all this while chatting with my daughter's former classmate! Hahahahaha. Can u all imagine dat? The world is really dat small? And to think dat we will be meeting this Saturday. Hohohohoho

Maybe when I told Eva where I was staying, dat didn't triggered her cos I shifted from Pandan Perdana to Seri Kembangan. Eva used to call me 'Auntie' and she used to come and swim in my apartment in Pandan Perdana during her schooldays. I always remember this pretty, tall classmate of Elyss and I really didn't in the world imagine dat I would get to know her 'again' in this way. *I'm still smiling and wondering in disbelief* But it is true!

Anyway, I'm looking forward to meeting Eva and the rest who can make it this Saturday. See u all there!

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Des is in Kindy!


Des was not at all looking excited or worried but it was mommy who was excited and worried! I had a sleepless nite yesterday and could only go to sleep at about 5 this morning! I was worried about this and dat – worried about how Des's going to take it the first day in school; will she be able to wake up on time; will she cry; will she be able to mix around; will she understand what the teacher is saying; will she know what to say when she wants to drink or go to the washroom and etc, etc, etc???? All these were in my mind the whole nite (those who have not sent their kids to pre-schools or nurseries, DON'T LAUGH, trust me, u'll have ur day. Those who had sent their kids to school the very first day will understand the anxieties I'm going thru). Pappy said I was worrying over such teeny weeny matters. I know my girl will get used to the enviroment but still it was natural to worry, isn't it? *duh*

At 7 this morning, I was up and couldn't get back to sleep. Surprisingly, Des woke up at 7.30 a.m. without having me to 'drag' her up. She drank her milo, brushed her teeth, washed her face, changed into her uniform, wore her socks and shoes WITHOUT any fuss! Dat was indeed a great start. (heehee, maybe she thought she was going to school to play)
Des in her kindy uniform
As Pappy and I were getting Des to school, my fren came over with her daughter (one of Des's best frens, Shuet Shuet). Managed to take a snapshot of both of them. Shuet Shuet is going to the kindy opposite the place we are staying whereas Des is going to one a little farther.

Des with Shuet Shuet

Reached the kindy right on time before the teacher started. There were about 15 kids in the classroom. There were 3 boys and a pair of twin girls crying their heads off. One boy was shouting for his grandma and was struggling away from a teacher who was holding him back. One boy urinated while crying! Gasp! Felt so disheartening upon seeing the scene. I guess it's the same case in any other kindy. What to do? The kids have to get used to going to school and I'm sure the teachers will know how to handle them. In my mind, I was really scared Des might cry and urinate too. I stayed near the door and peeped for a while and after seeing her settling down, I quickly sneaked off without her noticing for fear she would not stay if I were to inform her dat I was going off.

The kindy's hours are from 8.30 a.m. to 12 noon. As the whole week is orientation week, the school will start at 8.30 a.m. and ends at 10.30 a.m. Not wanting to wait for 2 hours, Pappy and I decided to have our breakfast and roamed around. As I was having my bowl of noodles soup, I had mixed feelings about Des in class again *tongue out*. We went back to the kindy at about 10.15 a.m. and had to wait until the class was dismissed.

I could see the class teacher leading Des out. She was looking okay ... but ..... I was told dat Des cried for a while after I left *slap head*. The teacher oso told me Des wanted to go to sleep at about 9 ish! Gosh! Wanted to go to sleep in class? Dat girl of mine still doesn't know she is in school yet.

I had to wait for a while for the Auntie who was supposed to pick Des from school. I have to get to know her in person although she was recommended by the Principal of the kindy. When I saw her, she was not up to my expectation! She was not only 'lau sau' (untidy), she was clumsy-looking and most importantly, she was not kids-friendly at all. Des didn't want to get into her car (her car was smelly) and Auntie was sort of impatient. She cried and clinged on to me. I told Auntie dat I would take Des back for today and she had to start picking Des from tomorrow. Dead. I had oredi paid for the transportation fee and I have to 'hunt' for another Auntie. (psst, psst, Msau, if u are reading this, do u think u can help me?)

On the way back home, I asked Des if she liked school. She told me she doesn't want to go to school again! Dead again. Dat was what I feared most. But after coaxing her and reasoning with her, she told me she would like to go to school but she wouldn't like Auntie to pick her up. I know what's in her mind. She's afraid dat Auntie is going to be her nanny and dat she'll be taking care of her. She did have a bad experience when she was under the care of her ex-nanny and she's having phobia of Auntie trying to 'take her away' from me. Poor girl.

Guess I really have to have a good talk with this little girl of mine tonite to reassure her or my worries will still be 'haunting' me until she's really settled.