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Friday, November 30, 2007

Year-End Exam / Trip / Graduation

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Finally, Destinee's year end exam was over and time of the year to have the parents/teachers meeting again on the 10th November, 2007. Below are the results from her exam papers:

Eventhough her year-end exam's results were not as good as compared to her mid-term's exam, I was satisfied with what she had done. I've pointed out her mistakes to her and helped her correct them as some were carelessly done. As what Michelle posted in her blog, I don't think I would want to pressure my girl too much but on the other hand, sometimes my girl needs to be pressured a little or else she won't get her work done properly. Well, come to think of it, she's only 5 years old and still needs to have her 'tung nin' (childhood) days and to play with her 'masak-masak' and dolls. But it's true dat she learnt a lot of things from her school.

Destinee's books throughout the year

*psst, psst Msau, if u are reading this, u feel like fainting or backing out from enrolling SQ into this pre-school?* Hahaha!


After her final exam, her school organised a trip to High5 Bread company. After she came back from the trip, she brought a bag of goodies back and told me she enjoyed herself.

The Goody Bag

The goodies in the Goody Bag –
a loaf of High 5 Bread, Chocolate cake,
2 little muffins, 1 little swiss roll and
1 cream roll


After her school's concert and watched her seniors (6-year old students) received their graduation folders, Destinee couldn't wait for next year and made me make the graduation hat and present the graduation folder to her *roll eyes*.

The Graduate
See the mocked graduation hat? (hahaha)

Her Graduation Folder (inside the folder are photos taken in school and her Pre School 2 Graduation Certificate)

Monday, November 26, 2007

To Cane or Not To Cane

This tag was passed to me by the chubby chubb pies' (SQ and Kiki) mummy. FYI, I used to have 3 canes in the house but now there are only 2. One on the the TV cabinet and one on the side of the fridge cover - for easy reach.

I'm sure many parents don't agree to using the cane. For me, when my girl really gets on my nerves, I'll have to use the weapon to control her. Don't get me wrong. I don't always beat her with it. It's mostly for threatening. I can tell u dat Des is really scared of me reaching for the cane. I don't have to shout at her to stop her nonsense and before I could reach for the cane, she'll be shouting "don't want, mommy, don't beat me"! Usually I'll hold the cane and beat it on the table or floor to scare her (in other words, a warning to her) after which she'll quickly obey. I don't deny I do use the cane on my girl at times when she tries to 'climb onto my head' or tries to be 'funny' when I'm serious.

Normally, I'll use another method - my 'electric glare' which she knows I mean 'business'. I don't like to use the cane too but without it to control Des, I think my life span will be shorten by a few years *blek*.

I can still remember my sis (June) and I were always caned by my mom when we were kids and used to have marks of the cane on our legs and hands and would try all ways to hide them when we were in school .... sigh ... those days. So, I make sure I'll hit Des on the buttock and not anywhere else (heehee).

Msau, I guess u've not read my post on "I do it my way" and maybe u'll be interested to know how I use my cane. U can read it here.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

She loves to .....

play and dat's the aftermath after playing with her 'masak-masak'. No worries, no worries, she'll always help mommy to clear the mess after mommy threatened to throw her toys away if she doesn't put away after playing with them (kekeke).

and she oso loves to colour

She can foresee dat mommy will be shorter than her in the future *roll eyes*. Aiyo, how come she drew mommy leading the doggie? Have to let my little girl know and remind her dat mommy has NO interest in animals *blek*.

'Kakak' will always be part of the family eventhough she has gone back to Indonesia for so many months. For some who don't know, Yau Yau is Destinee's name in Cantonese.

Her new interests
Snakes and Ladders


Her 6-different-picture Princess Puzzle

Once in a while, I'll allow her to play with the play-doh.

Her 'cake' with lit candles

She blew took the 'lights' off and added 3 lollipops beside the cake.

I asked her why only 3 candles and she said 'oops' and she immediately made these for her 'birthday party':

She even added some sandwiches. What's the green coloured thing in the middle of the sandwiches? She told me those were 'timun' (cucumber), heehee.

'Aunties, Uncles, Kor Kors, Jieh Jiehs, Didis, Mei Meis want to join my party'? says Destinee. Hahaha!

Donut and burger, anyone?