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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Rockin' Girl Blogger?

I was so surprised and didn't expect dat this award was awarded to me! *rub rub and strained my eyes and click on the link to check I've not got the wrong name'. IT WAS ME! I'm not only honoured but she made me blushed with embarrassment. Rockin' GIRL wor? (maybe Rockin' GRANDMOTHER suits me better, heeheehee). I quickly went to the mirror to have a good look at myself and had a good smile on my face. Not much wrinkles yet and face still shines .. heehee ... still consider young looking (okay, okay, don't puke).

Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Rock with me! Ginie, u really made my day! Hahaha!

I'm sure all mommy bloggers rock and I'm sure most of the mummies were awarded but I would still like to present this award to these mummies of twins (whom I know). I really salute to them. Having to deal with one is oredi a real headache but TWO!
*pengsan* (fainted) *salute salute salute*. They deserve to have the title and they really have to 'rock' twice harder (hahaha): The award goes to:

Jacss (twin boys)
Annie Q (twin boys)
Twinsmom (twin girls)
Sylvia (twin girls)
Rovell (twin boys)

Thursday, July 26, 2007

A House for me from Des? *dreaming*

Today, Destinee brought this back from school – A HOUSE. She did it in class during art lesson, of course, under the supervision of her teacher (*blek* how I wished the house was real).

This is the living room. This is the car porch.

This is the kitchen. This is the dining room.

This is the bedroom

This is the bathroom

But the sweetest is this:


Dat was how she learnt about what's in the house.

Eiks! I forgot to post this during Father's Day. Oh yes, she did this in school and brought back during Father's Day. How sweet.

See dat red print at the bottom? Dat's her little thumb print (heehee).

And the Family Tree she drew in her English book.

So cute hor? She's more imaginative than Pappy and mommy.
Notice the earrings on Grandma? Her imagination cos her Grandma
doesn't wear earrings. Aiyo, mommy has 2 'buns' neh. Hahaha.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007


This was what happened when I blog hopped this morning. I burnt the pot of porridge I was cooking!


I forgot completely about what I was doing and enjoyed myself blog hopping as there was no work from office today. It didn't occurred to me the pot of porridge was slowly drying until I smelled something burning! I rushed to the kitchen and quickly switched off the gas stove but *gaks* too late. Darn! It was not the porridge I was worried, I was more worried about MY POT! This is the 3rd burnt pot! The last 2 were not so lucky and were unable to be rescued – burnt beyond recognition (even the cover was black)! One pot, I was cooking red beans soup until the beans were cooked until like black coffee beans. Another pot, I was cooking soup until the ingredients were like they were burnt after a fire. Where was I? Both times I was out chatting with my neighbours in their house *blek*.

Immediately my mind thought "if Pappy comes to know dat I burnt the pot becos I was busy BLOG HOPPING ............ die die die". Pappy always use the pot to cook his favourite mee. What and how am I going to explain what happened to the pot? *shhhhhhh*

I quickly poured the porridge into a plastic bag and soaked the pot with water, after which I put the pot onto the stove again and boiled the burnt parts hoping dat the burnt parts will come off but too bad they were were too stubborn.

Scrapping off with a spoon and the parts slowly came off.

I tried scrapping with a spoon and the parts slowly came off! I then scrubbed and scrubbed and scrubbed with my trusty 'A' scrub bud until the stains ..... wa la ...... the pot was 'lap lap ling' (shiny) again. Phew! Luckily I was able to rescue this pot. See ........

So my frens, now u know why I have so many 'sa pou ang chang' (pots and pans) in the house. Heehee.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Des's reward

After getting good marks from her mid-term exam, Pappy acted as if nothing happened except 'wah, so clever'. When I told June about Des's results, she at least asked me to buy Destinee's favourite marshmallows as a reward for her little niece.

A scooter was what Destinee hinted/dreamed of having. One of my fren's kid has a scooter and whenever I brought her to my fren's place, Des wanted so much to ride on it but the scooter is always refused to be touched by my fren's daughter. Des would come sniffing and hinted Pappy to buy one for her but so far to no avail.

Pappy came back early from work yesterday. When he opened the door, as usual Des greeted him by calling him. He put his working bag and drinking bottle, nothing special cos usual routine when he comes back, but he went back to the door again and brought this in ........

tra da ......


Isn't it lovely?

Pappy said he wanted to surprise Destinee but he SURPRISED me instead cos I really didn't expect he would buy the scooter. Pappy wasn't so 'heartless' after all (heehee).

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Kizsports (15th July, 2007)

I finally had the chance to meet Michelle (mybabybay) and her family. She is one of the bloggers whom I really wish to meet. When she emailed me dat she was coming to KL to meet some of us, I called Pappy and told him I 'die die' oso must go and meet Michelle this time. Destinee was so excited when I told her she would be meeting Tim and Emily soon. She has been watching the video clip (e ya e ya oh – fun with housework) at Michelle's blog and immediately recognised them when she saw them.

We seldom go to areas in Damansara and as Pappy was not familiar with the area, he 'shot' straight to Ikea instead of keeping to the left lane to turn in into 1 Utama and had to make a turn back to 1 Utama where he dropped me and Destinee at the main road and told us to walk our way in to 1 Utama. *duh* As we were oredi late, I tagged Destinee and dashed up the escalator up to 2nd floor after asking around where Kizsports was. *double duh* (soli hor cos I don't know where Kizsports is situated). Sorry Michelle, dat was why we were late.

I filled up a form and paid a fee of RM23 for Destinee's entry (I entered free-of-charge cos I need to 'jaga' the kid). A tag was worn on our wrist and we were reminded to put on our socks on the playground. We made way to the entrance and I was trying to look out for Michelle and was ready to call her. It was Destinee who pulled my T-shirt and told me when she saw Tim and Emily.

It was oso my 1st time meeting Agnes (Zara's and Zaria's mummy) & family, Chanel (Jeriel's mummy) & family, Martini & her boys, Lynette & her girls. Destinee asked me "Why Zara's Mummy 'hug hug' mommy and why the other aunties didn't 'hug hug' mommy?" As I didn't want to explain too much, I told her "Zara's Mummy is a long time friend and she misses mommy so she 'hug hug' mommy lor".
Good explanation hor? (heehee) She nodded her head as if she understood and didn't ask further as she was more interested in getting to know Zara who was so friendly.

I was happy to see Sue (Ivan's & Izac's mummy) & Ivan; Jazzmint (Faythe's & Vyktore's mummy) her family who could make it too.

Below are a few photos which I managed to snap:

Destinee, Emily and Tim in a pool of balls

Tim hugging Emily. Loving siblings.

Des showing her hopping skill on the Hop Scotch

After Kizsports, we went to have lunch in a Japanese restaurant (forgot the name) on the same floor. There were a lot of people having lunch and we did not manage to get a long/large table to accommodate the whole lot of us so we had to split up. Destinee and I sat with Agnes's and Chanel's family. Michelle's family was with Lynette; Jazzmint's family was with Sue. Martini didn't join us and forgot to say bye-bye to her when we left (soli Martini). Next time we organise and invite other mummy bloggers and book a larger place for a few hours where we can 'blah blah' and 'chomp chomp' and 'tear' the whole place down! Hahahahaha!

Didn't manage to 'snap snap' this time cos the kids were scattered all over. Below is a photo emailed to me from Michelle.

Front: 'waving hand' is Faythe; 'trying to attract attention by standing up' is
Faythe's brother, Vyktore; 'in slumberland' is Zaria;

Back: 'putting finger in her mouth' is Emily; 'scratching head and foot' is Tim;
'trying to kau lui'
(woo girls) is Jeriel; 'watching over and
protecting her sister'
is Zara;
'blocked by Vyktore's hand'
is Destinee.
Ooops, where's Ivan? Ivan was too tired and was in 'lala land'.

After lunch, having said bye-bye to each other, I called Pappy and he asked me to wait for him at Parkson. Where in the world is Parkson? *duh* Chanel was kind enough to direct me where Parkson was and I was told I had to walk a distance of about 8 minutes (in my mind I was thinking 'huh? dat far?') from the restaurant. So I dragged Destinee and walked all the way in search for Parkson. Okay, I tried to time myself, I did not take 8 minutes to reach, I took about 12 MINUTES! *duh duh*

After meeting Pappy, we went to MPH and there we met Jazzmint again. Didn't get any books this time as Destinee was getting cranky and we decided to make our way home. On the way home, Pappy bought some durians and we had durians for dinner.

Destinee asked me when we will be meeting Tim, Emily, Zara and Faythe again.

Hope to meet u all again the next time!

You can read more about the meeting here

Friday, July 06, 2007

Close shave

I woke up when I felt a sudden cold. My blanket was not covering me and had fallen onto the floor. The clock on my side table told me it was 3 o'clock in the morning. I yawned and I noticed the dimmer light was flickering. Got up from bed and went to it and I had the scare of my life! I saw a tiny hole on the dimmer light and the hole on the 'body' of the bear-bear dimmer light was like melting! HOLY COW! It was not like melting, IT WAS DEFINITELY MELTING! Dat really made me FULLY awake! I quickly had it switched off. I then switched on the light to the room, unplugged the bear-bear dimmer light from the socket to have a closer look. Gosh! The dimmer light was HOT!

Can u see the hole? Cannot?

There ...... a closer look –

Scary, isn't it? Luckily I woke up in the nick of time. I dare not imagine what would have happened if I had not woke up. *shudders*