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Friday, June 27, 2008

What happened on Father's Day

This is a back dated post on Father's Day, very back dated indeed (heehee).

Father's Day 'present' made by Des during her Art Class.
She explained dat the green coloured hair is Pappy and

the red coloured hair is herself.

Dat's supposed to be photo frame (heehee)

We were invited to dinner by youngest SIL to her celebrate her FIL's birthday on 14th June and oso to celebrate Father's Day at Ah Yat Abalone Forum Restaurant in Avenue K.

One of the tables

The first dish on the list
Braised Sharksfin with Abalone & Bamboo Fungus

BBQ Suckling Khinzir
Rest of the meat were cut and fried with special XO sauce.

Cod Fish with Hawaiian nut & Veggie

Saute Prawns with fried ice-cream

Stewed Abalone & Sea Cucumber

Prawns wrapped in Bamboo Fungus

Baked Mango Pudding in Coconut

There were 3 other dishes which I forgot to snap – steamed chicken, braised noodles and 2 varieties of dessert.
Khai Quan (5 yrs old), Des (6 yrs old) and
Lum Lum (7 yrs old)
Aiyo, Des's soooooo small size.

Des likes to be with her cousin Lum Lum

Des with her signature pose

Sunday, June 08, 2008

"Lap Sap Po" (Rubbish woman)

Dat's the new nickname given to me by Pappy *duh*. Why? Because I've been collecting 'rubbish' for my fren's, Cathy, daughter to bring to her school to collect stamped stars. After collecting about 20 stars, she'll receive a present from her teacher. What an encouragement for kids to practise and understand what recycling is about. When I heard what the kindy's doing, I immediately collected the 'rubbish' and gave them to the little girl and am still doing so. Too bad the kindy which Destinee goes to does not carry out such practice.

I used to collect all kinds of bottles, cans, plastic containers, boxes (of course not any from outside whereas from what I've emptied and used) and keep them inside the storeroom and dat's why the bulk of rubbish is taking up quite a lot of space in the room. As such, it has become, a hobby *blek*. No worries, no worries, I wash and clean all my rubbish before keeping them, therefore they are all very clean and odourless. It's really a waste to throw away what can be recycled, isn't it?

Wonder anyone else's doing what I am doing – Collecting rubbish. Hahaha!

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Food Poisoning

On Thursday nite (29th May), Pappy brought a packet of 'Indian rojak' back and told me it was a fren who 'tar paued' (takeaway) for him. He purposely brought the packet back for me to eat. I had oredi cooked dinner but seeing the packet of rojak, I couldn't resist cos it had been quite sometime I've eaten Indian rojak. I didn't want to share with Pappy (how selfish of me). It was so delicious. The whole nite after eating the rojak, nothing really happened except I did feel pain in the stomach occasionally but didn't suspect anything.

The next morning (Friday, 30th May), after preparing breakfast for Des, I did my usual routine work, swept and mopped the floor, washed the clothes. I needed to spring clean the kitchen, so, I started off by cleaning the ventilation fans, the stoves, then wiped the tiles to the whole kitchen and the cabinets. I then had a drink of milo and continued with what I had to finish in the kitchen.

At about 1.30 p.m., I felt uncomfortable, I quickly cooked some mee for Des. I told Des I wasn't feeling well and felt nauseous. I quickly rushed to the toilet bowl and started my 'eeeyiok, eeeyiok'. The urge of purging came. It wasn't good, and sensing something was wrong, Des called Pappy and told him mommy was not feeling well and was vomiting and asked him to come home quickly.

I didn't have time to go back to the sofa to lie down and I was back to the washroom again doing 'both businesses' again and again. I vomited 7 times and emptied my bowels 6 times until what came out from my mouth was liquid, yellow in colour which tasted sooooo bitter and dat was, what I guess, 'wong tam shui' (bile water?). I was scared, really really scared and thought I was 'going off'. I felt so restless and in my mind (what I could think at dat moment) I was afraid I might faint and what would happen to Des (I was thinking 'Oh God help me'!). I pulled my strength to pick up the phone and called a fren (Ah Fang) from the other block to come over. She knew something was not rite when she heard my weak voice and I was at the verge of crying. I knew it wasn't going to be good but I still managed to change myself (die die oso must look good). Ah Fang rushed over with her 2 kids and in the meantime Pappy came back too. What I remembered was I didn't even have the strength to stand up properly. Both Pappy and Ah Fang grabbed me by the arms and I was led down to the car with the kids tagging along.

All I knew was I was breathing very heavily and kept saying my stomach ached very painfully. I vomited another time before entering Pappy's car. It started to drizzle and Pappy drove like he was racing in the F1 race. Then the rain began to pour. On the way, Pappy and Ah Fang kept consoling me dat we would be reaching the hospital soon and I knew Ah Fang kept rubbing my hands cos I felt cold and was told later I looked so pale and both of them were very worried. I was rushed into the emergency ward of the Pantai Cheras Medical Centre. I could remember I was placed onto a bed and was immediately put on drips. I was still aware what the doctor asked me and kept telling him I was very very uncomfortable and he assured me everything would be alrite soon. Blood was oso taken for test. I was left there on the bed and later a nurse came and made me drank Smecta. After about half an hour, the doctor came back to see how I was feeling and I told him I still felt 'lousy' and he suggested to Pappy to get me admitted so dat a specialist could monitor me. At this time, Ah Fang came to keep me company and not without the kids 'disturbing' around (no choice and luckily there were no other patients).

Pappy went and did the necessities to have me admitted. A nurse came and wheel-chaired me to the ward on the 2nd floor (4 persons to a room). Since another fren (Cathy) came, I asked Pappy and Ah Fang to bring the kids back. A doctor (Dr. Rao) came and checked on me, asked me the same questions which the doctor in the emergency room did and he confirmed I had FOOD POISONING (I knew, I knew). I felt very cold and luckily Cathy was thoughtful dat she brought a jacket for me and she was so nice to accompany me until Pappy came back after a few hours I asked her to go back and rest.

Elyss was informed and she came later with a tiffin carrier of porridge at around 8 ish. I thought I wouldn't be hungry when I was on drips but how come I felt sooooo hungry. I 'walloped' the plain porridge with preserved veggie but dared not eat too much for fear I might vomit again. The most troublesome was whenever I need to go to the washroom I had to drag the pole with the bag of 'sodium chloride' along *duh*. Elyss's MIL and SIL came to visit me too. At about 10.30 p.m., everyone went back
(Des preferred to follow Elyss back to her house and spent the nite there) and I was left alone *unhappy look* ...... sigh ...... I knew I wouldn't be able to have a good nite sleep, the nurses came every 2 hours to check my blood pressure and my temperature cos I was a little bit feverish and 4 hourly to change my bag of 'garam'.

At 7.15 a.m. I was fully awake by the sound of the cars zooming on the highway. What was in my mind was 'I WANT TO GO HOME'! Dr. Rao made his round at about 8 a.m. and enquired how I was doing. I told him I was alrite, no more vomiting but I did lie to him dat I purge only once but in fact I purged 3 times *blek*. He did some pressings on my stomach and I told him 'no more pain' but he said I might still have occasional pains. I told him I was alrite and I didn't want to stay there and he said if I was alrite, I could go home. *Yeah*. (Dr. Rao even joked on asking me to eat more rojak in future *duh*)

Elyss wanted to bring me breakfast but I told her it was not necessary as there were meals provided by the hospital. Pappy came at around 9.30 a.m. and he brought along some scallop porridge cooked by Cathy (haiyo, I was so touched). I told Pappy to go to work and I would update him later when the doctor approved of my discharge. There were 4 patients (including me) in the room but 2 oredi had been discharged. It was sooooo boring! I waited and waited and after lunch, a nurse came and removed my drip and another came and asked me to sign a paper and told me it would take about 2 to 3 hours (procedures and the insurance thingy). Immediately I called Pappy to come and he told me he was busy at the moment and would come as soon as he finished what was in hand .... sigh .... dat meant I had to wait again but luckily there was another patient and she started asking what was wrong with me and we 'blahed blahed' until Pappy came at around 3.30 p.m.

Thank goodness I was finally discharged! I had restored my energy but still on medication and I've to jot this so happening experience which taught me not to simply 'wallop' food from outside.

Pappy had to thank me for 'being selfish'
for not letting him share the rojak. And my sincere thanks to Ah Fang, Cathy and Elyss for being so helpful.