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Monday, May 29, 2006

Luncheon Meat & Potatoes wrapped in Popiah Skin

One of my frens taught me by using yam, 'nin kou' (glutinous rice cake) and sweet potato but I susbtituted them with luncheon meat and potatoes.

Popiah skin (5" x 5")
Potatoes (skinned and sliced thinly)
Luncheon Meat (sliced and preferable fried and absorb the excess oil)
Tapioca flour mixed with water (for sticking the popiah skin)

1. Lay a piece of popiah skin on a board, place a piece of potato, on top of the potato, put a piece of luncheon meat and lastly put another piece of potato on top of the luncheon meat.
2. Wrap the whole thing into a square and brush the the tip of the popiah skin before the final wrapping up.

3. The wrapped lunchoen meat & potatoes. 4. After wrapping, deep fry them in medium hot oil until golden brown.
Happy trying out this simple snack!

Cheese Sticks

I was going to try Maria's "Open Sesame" but couldn't find any sesame in the pantry, so, decided to make my own cheese sticks. Instead of putting sesame on top of the pastry, I glazed the pastry with butter and sprinkle lots of Parmesan cheese on top.
Ta da ......Maria sifu,
The sticks were very crispy at first but after for a while, they went 'lembik' (soft). Why is dat so?

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Genting Trip

19th – 21st May, 2006
Went to Genting on the 19th till 21st May with Pappy, Destinee and Marsiti. It was Destinee's 3rd and Marsiti's 2nd trip. It's best to go on weekdays to avoid the long long queues. Not only have to queue for games and rides but for food too. We need not wait long for our turns and managed to play most of the games and sit on all the rides many many times (for the sake of Des).
Destinee at the Lift Lobby of the First World Hotel. Riding on the Monorail.View of outside taken from inside of monorail (See the pink monorail on the bottom left?). This is the most worthwhile ride of all – a trip round the whole of Genting.Pappy & Destinee on the Gondola. Des was scared of the gondolier cos Des said Uncle was very 'yuk suin' (ugly). She didn't know dat the Uncle gondolier was a dummy (heehee).
Des: "Ahhhh!!! Don't leave me alone, I might fall." Des: "Since nobody's aiding me, might as well get hold of the pole tight tight."
Mommy and Des on the Rio Float.

Des wanted to enter the Snow World so eagerly when we passed by the glass pane. We could look into the Snow House from outside the glass pane. She kept mentioning the whole day dat she wanted to go into the Snowman (cos she saw the Snowman and I guess she didn't know the difference between Snowman and Snow World) but Pappy didn't allow on the first and second day for fear dat she could not endure the cold. On the third day, Des wanted to go into the Snow House so much so dat when I woke her up early in the morning, she was still saying, with her eyes closed, "I want to go to Snowman" (heehee, wonder if she was dreaming the whole nite). "Okay", I said, "we are going to the Snow World soon". Immediately she opened her eyes wide (haiya, dat girl of mine). So, off we went to have our breakfast and to the Snow World.

We had to pay RM16 each for Pappy and me, RM14 for Des. Children under 3 are not allowed in. We were not allowed to bring anything esp. cameras, handphones or cigarettes into the Snow House. There were lockers (50 sen x 2) outside the entrance for us to keep our belongings. Des was shivering as she entered the house but refused to go out after persuading her. The gloves were far too big and there were no size-fitting shoes for her, she had to wear her own Hello Kitty sports shoes. Pappy felt cold too but I was perspiring. Why? I had to carry Des as she refused to walk in the snow and I had to hug her and get her near to one of the lamps to give her the 'warmth'. Her gloves were falling every now and then and I had to put them back for her. Where was Pappy? He was enjoying himself and was exploring the place on his own ... haiya ....

After the 'shivering' experience, I will purposely ask Des every now and then whether she wants to go into the Snow House again, she will answer with a loud "NO! Very cold cold, Yau Yau brrr....brrr....brrrr....". Hahaha, dat taught her a lesson for being persistent.

Inside the Snow House Another part in the Snow House. Dat's the Snowman Des saw from outside glass pane.

Eee? What is this doing here? Looks familiar? Oh yes, dat was the Snowman Des drew. She wondered why Snowman has no ears, hands and legs. After drawing the snowman, she added the ears, hands and legs to it.

Notice dat we stayed indoor only? Yup, we prefer to play with the indoor games cos the outdoor games were too breathtaking and heart-attacking for me and Des. Des enjoyed herself very much and keep asking Pappy when we are going to "Wan Teng" (Genting) again.
Oh yes, we might be going up on the 10th June, 2006 again. Might be able to bump into u if u happen to go too.
By the way today's (24th May) Pappy's birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAPPY!

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Handbag Tag

Tagged again by the lovely mummy of Wien and Lyon. I visited Jazz's blog and into Vichelle's and saw her blog on this tag and ooops, only did I realised dat I've not done mine yet. Heehee, sorry Jess, nearly forgot about it. Okay, here goes:

What is in my handbag?
I am not one who likes to buy handbags too. I am very loyal to the handbag which I chose and bought (ahem).

Dat's the handbag which I carry when I go to the office or go 'kai kai'.

Jess, dunno whether u noticed it when I met u during the CNY. Yes, it's still the same old one. *Kekekekeke*

Okay, let's see what I can find in my handbag. Sometimes I forgot what I had dumped into it.

  • Car key
  • House Keys
  • Office Keys
  • Pen
  • Compact Powder
  • Nail Clipper
  • Lip Gloss
  • Lipstick
  • Comb
  • Pad
  • Panty Liner
  • A pic of Destinee with her cousins
  • Purse
  • Tissue
  • Handphone
  • Eee? Heehee, a packet of Asam Boi (hei, don't get me wrong)

My Purse

  • IC
  • Supplementary Credit Cards (why apply for Principal card when there's someone to pay for me) *grins*
  • Medical Card
  • Jusco Card
  • Bonus Link Card
  • The Store Card
  • Maid's Permit Card
  • Cosway's coupons
  • Less than RM50 notes (poor me)
  • Coins
  • Receipts (Carrefour, Giant and The Store)
  • Eiks! A RM20 voucher from Jusco (haiyo, due date in June, nearly forgot to rebate leh – thanx Jess)
  • Eee? No ATM card? (heehee, Pappy's my ATM card)
  • Eee? No Driving Licence? (heehee, I've got a chauffeur)

Okay, done. As this is a long overdued tag, I'm not going to tag anyone else. So, any bloggers out there who expected me to tag u, u can clap hands and heave a sigh. Hahahahaha!

Monday, May 15, 2006

Sweet Sweet Mother's Day

13th May, 2006
Celebrated Mother's Day a day in advance. Elyss called me a few days ago and asked me if I was free on Saturday (13th May). She wanted to treat me to dinner – to celebrate Mother's Day in advance. She came with Eugene, Charlett & their maid and took us (Pappy, me, Destinee and my maid) to Restaurant East of Highway (Serdang) for dinner. Besides other dishes, I had a sumptuous meal of my favourite – Sharksfin Soup and 'Kwai Fah Chi' (sharksfin fried with eggs and crabs meat – to be eaten wrapped in lettuce). Thank u so much Elyss and family.

Received a piece of folded paper from my cucu, Charlett, before she came running into the house.
Charlett: "Por por, Por Por, this is for u."
Me: "Huh? For me, this is for me?"
Charlett: "Yes, yes". *She was so excited*
Me: "What's dat?" I asked again and unfolding the piece of paper.
Charlett: "It's for u, it's for u, it's an apple."
Me: *blur blur, trying to figure out where the apple is* *Oh yes, found it*
Me: "Wah, Charlett's so clever, can draw Apple? Thank you so much, Charlett." *off she ran into the house to play with her Yi Yi (Destinee)*

Can u see where the apple is? (heehee). FYI, Charlett's is 2+ and speaks English with a few words of 'kwai lou' accent Cantonese.

14th May, 2006
MOTHER'S DAY. Destinee sang me "Se Sung Ji Yiou Ma Ma Hau" early in the morning and gave me a big hug and kissed me on the left, right cheek and forehead (taught to do so by Pappy).
I treated myself to my home-baked Banana Cake.
home-made "Yong Tau Foo". June, if u are reading this, look at the lady's fingers. Yum, yum, missed them? Hahaha! The 3 of us (Pappy, myself and maid) finished the whole lot.

In the morning when I was about to go to the market, my maid (Marsiti) requested me to buy something for her. So, bought the rice flour, kacang and buah keras. As usual, I would be lazying on the sofa, watching my TV programmes after coming back from marketting and Marsiti would be busy unpacking the meat & veggie and arranging them into the fridge. I didn't take notice of what she was doing in the kitchen. Suddenly, I heard pounding sound from the kitchen. Went into the kitchen and saw her pounding some buah keras in the pounder. I asked her what she was doing. She 'begged' me to go out and mumbled something like 'saya mau buat sesuatu bagi mam' (I want to make something for mam). I went out of the kitchen not without telling her not to mess my kitchen up.

After sometime, she came out from the kitchen with this:

And she said "Selamat Hari Ibu" (Happy Mother's Day). Oh, oh, oh, wasn't she sweet? Boy, was I touched. So thoughtful of her. She knew dat I love to eat the 'tepung kacang' (dunno the exact name) cos I would always buy some from the grocery store. I didn't know she could make them. Haiya, should have told me earlier so dat I would saved from buying them all these while. I know she won't be reading this but I would translate to her. Thank you so much, Marsiti!

Sunday, May 14, 2006


HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to all mommies!

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Pics 1 (this and that)

Destinee loves to make herself comfortable either on the sofa, lazy chair or bed and loves to cover herself with her travel blanket cum pillow and lots of pillows, bolsters and her toys.
June bought this travel blanket cum pillow for Des from HKG

Destinee at her own computer. I didn't want her to disturb me when I'm working on my computer, so, bought her this.Destinee: "Pappy, don't disturb me. Aaahhhhhh!!!!!!! Game over oredi."
Sometimes I do allow her to play with my PC. One of her favourites - Higglytown Heroes. See, she's very good at manoeuvring the mousie.
Des hurt her little finger last week. She was playing with Pappy's cabinet and accidentally scratched her little finger on the glass pane. She wailed immediately after seeing some blood dripped from the finger and she was sooo scared. Pappy quickly applied yellow lotion to it and the blood stop dripping after a while. She held her hand upwards, dared not move or touch anything with the hand and did not allow anyone of us to touch it too. Pappy teased her dat the part of the finger had to be 'chopped' off. She wailed louder and hid in her room. Pappy, maid and I had a good laugh. This was the first time she hurt herself so seriously (with blood dripping). Dat really taught her a lesson. From dat day onwards, she dared not go near to the cabinet again.


Destinee finally weaned off her 'choot choot' (since 30th April, 2006). It wasn't so difficult as I predicted. My frens told me their kids would cry for one whole week yearning for their pacifiers. I didn't expect it took Destinee 2 days to forget about her 'choot choot'. *really hurts to see her sad face and to deprive her of one of her favourite companion*

I was so worried she would cry at nite but much to my surprise, she DIDN'T. I told her the monkey (again?) stole her 'choot choot'. She believed me but not without asking me to buy a new one for her. I came up with a story dat the Uncle in the store was not selling any more and told her I would buy from somewhere else. *hahaha* She BELIEVED me again until she completely forgot about it. She really deserves a 'muahmuahmuah' from Pappy, Mommy and Kakak.

One last look and this is for the blog in rememberance of Destinee's "Choot Choot". *silent sob sob from Destinee* *Bye-bye Choot-Choot* (this pic was taken by Destinee herself from her Pappy's Digital camera before it was 'stolen' by the bad bad monkey)

Monday, May 08, 2006

Weekend's Happenings

6th May, 2006 (Saturday)

Received an SMS message at about 3 ish pm from Rachel dat she was on her way to KL. Eiks! I forgot I had to go to a concert. Quickly replied and told her dat I was going to see Maria Cordero's mini concert and would call her after the show.
The mini concert, in The Mines Wonderland, performed by Maria Cordero was sponsored by NEP (Diamond). My agent, Louise, was kind enough to let me have 6 tickets to the performance. So, my hubby and I together with Destinee and maid, took my MIL and two of my youngest SIL's daughters to the show. Actually we were supposed to reach the place earlier so dat the kids could have some fun. Pappy was busy dat day, so reached The Mines at 6 ish pm and the performance was to start at 6.30 pm. The kids were not disappointed, they enjoyed the show not without buying some tit-bits for them. I've never taken Destinee to such concert and was in fear dat she would make a fuss. Luckily, she didn't.
Met my fren (Shuet shuet and Jai Jai's mum) and family. And what a coincidence I met Elaine (my long time fren) and Connie (with her daughter, Andrea) too.
It was a wonderful and enjoyable performance indeed. Trust Pappy to leave the camera in his car. So, no photos, just the programme and ticket for remembrance. The performance ended with a display of fireworks.
After the show which ended at around 9 p.m., we went to Esquire Kitchen, in The Mines, for our dinner and later sent MIL and kids back.
Called Rachel at about 11.15 p.m. and she was about to go to sleep. Sorry Rachel, could not meet u this time. Never mind, there's always a next time.
7th March, 2006 (Sunday)
Pappy and I went to Star Hill Gallery to meet Pappy's family members at 11.00 a.m. Went to this very happening restaurant – Jogoya (BIL's a VIP member there). Jogoya is situated on the Relish level. Actually MIL's children intended to treat MIL to lunch to celebrate Mother's Day in advance but MIL insisted on footing the bill (she won some money from 4-ekor). It was RM78++ per pax and there were 8 of us (MIL, eldest SIL, eldest SIL's daugther and son-in-law, youngest SIL's hubby and daughter, Pappy and I). BIL is a VIP member so we had some vouchers, so, MIL need not pay the full amount.

The advertisement

Wet tissue

There were more than 200 varieties of food. Below were some of the food which we took.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Mushrooms & Veggie in Nam Yue

5 black mushrooms (soaked and cut into 4s if the mushrooms are big)
8 button mushrooms (cut into halves)
1 pkt Enoki (straw mushrooms)
Tung Fun (Soh Hoon) (soaked)
Carrots (sliced)
Green Mustard (Kai choy) (cut into pieces)
11/2 pcs. Nam Yue
2 pieces garlic (chopped)
A bowl of water

1 tbsp oyster sauce
1 tbsp light soya sauce
1 tsp sugar
1 tbsp corn flour (for thickening)

1. Heat pan with oil, fry garlic and nam yue until fragrant.
2. Pour in green mustard. Fry until the greens are soft. Add in carrots, mushrooms and continue frying.
3. Add in seasoning and water and bring to boil.
4. Add in tung fun. Fry to mix mushrooms, carrots, green mustard with the tung fun.

5. Dish up and serve.

Below is a dish which pappy loves and I 'copied' from Twinsmom – Fish fried with Spring Onion, Ginger (giong chung yue pin). I used Dory Fish Fillet. As for the recipie, pls get it from Twinsmom's blog.

The result: Outlook is not as nice and delicous looking compared to Twinsmom's. *shame* BUT the taste is simply delicious.

Grilled Chicken Wings

This is one of my favourites.
6 Chicken Wings
2 tbsp Honey
3 tbsp Hoi Sin Sauce
1 tbsp Honey
Dash of pepper
1 tbsp ginger juice
1 tbsp garlic juice
1. Mix well with Marinade and marinate for 1-2 hours.
2. Preheat oven to 180 degrees. Glaze baking tray with some oil. Place chicken wings onto the tray. Grill in the oven for 10 minutes.
3. Flip chicken wings, glaze the chicken wings with honey. Continue to grill the chicken wings for another 10 mins. at 200 degrees.
4. Heat the pan with a little oil and fry the remaining marinade to get the sauce.
5. Serve the grilled chicken wings with the sauce.
5. Do not pour the sauce onto the chicken wings, else the wings will not be crispy.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006


Look at what June (my sis) gave Destinee as a birthday present when Des was 2 years old (the big Fisher Price box she was sitting on). This pic below was taken on her 3rd Birthday. I kept the box for 2 years and had great hesitation in opening it. The thought of having to assemble all the parts kept me from opening it the past two years. The box was lying in the cupboard and Destinee pestered me to open and let her play whenever she eyed on it.

1 week ago on Saturday, I decided to do some spring cleaning to her room and clear things from the cupboard. I took out the box and Destinee got excited. She pestered me again. She promised she would take care of it and put away nicely when she is finished with playing. Okay, okay, maid helped me to carry drag the bulky box out to the hall. I stared at the box and wondered if I should open it. Before I could say anything, Destinee found an opening and was oredi tearing the box. After having torn the opening, I peeked into it. Gosh! The thing was big, I had to pull the whole thing out from the box and was oredi thinking of how to assemble 'this thing' (I'm not the skillful type when it comes to assembling things).

Managed to get the thing out. It was a ONE WHOLE PIECE BY ITSELF KITCHEN SET with a detachable sink and shelf - no other parts, no screws except two plastic bags which contained the plastic accessories (2 cups, 2 plates, 2 spoons, 2 forks, 2 knifes, 3 ladles, 1 pot with cover, 1 frying pan, 1 telephone, 2 small containers (pepper and salt). Wuah lau eh! DAT WAS THE 'CHUNNEST' (best?) toy I've ever seen so far.

It was just too easy to assemble (and to think of it lying in the cupboard and 'laying eggs' for 2 years). Just hold the piece up and let it stand on the ground. Pull the part from the front and back of the set (there are hinges at both sides). Wa .... la .... it opened up just like dat! Just have to adjust a bit here and there and put the accessories in its proper place and the kitchen set is ready!

There is a fridge and an oven (below). On top of them, there is a sink with a tap and 2 stoves. Insert 3 batteries into the battery compartment of the stove, turn the 2 knobs of the stove and the 'frying' and 'boiling' sounds will be heard! I was stunned for a moment! This kitchen set is really something (Fisher Price really lives up to its name). Not only Destinee loves to play with it, mommy and maid enjoy playing with it too (heeheehee).

Destinee playing with her 'masak-masak' sets. Destinee: "Aunties, Jeh-jehs and mei meis, care to join me?"