Tracy's Nest

Friday, November 12, 2010


Oops, need to do some explanations to my previous post since I got messages and calls asking me what really happened. So sorry to have made u all 'moong cha cha'. :P Actually I was not angry but just very disappointed.

Ok, I was just voicing to what I saw and think which weren’t right. The 'she' is my girl’s HM who retired the other day. Just becos the HM was a 'lembik' one, who didnt' really know how to organise things in school, depended very much on her staff, 'they' played on her in the morning during the school’s gathering by wearing black (full black – skirt or pants and shirts, dress!), actually not all of 'them' wore black - not the sensible ones. U see, it was so obvious when 'they' stood together - all in black. Even some of the students were asking why 'they' were dressed in black dat day. They were so many HMs from various schools and what do u think they were thinking then? Not a very nice sight, rite?

During dinner, out of 21 staff, only 7 attended. The HM tried to call a few but reasons were like – not feeling well, stomachache (which I’m sure were excuses, obvious what, rite?). Maybe a couple were not really feeling well, ok, excuses acceptable but feeling not well at the same time? Something fishy, isn't it? They attended the school’s other dinner 2 weeks ago, what have u to say?

So, I was rite by saying at least show a little respect since it was the HM’s last day in the school, moreover, it was oso her birthday. By the way, there were so many HMs from other schools and we (PIBG members, directors of the school, old school students’ committee) heard ‘whispers whispers’ (of course no good ones) from them. Even the former HM ‘shoke her head’ and said they shouldn’t behave and acted like dat. Sad case and what a disgraceful scene, isn't it? …. sigh … Reputation of the school has gone down the drain just becos of a few bad apples ... sigh ... sigh ... sigh ...

I’m not really in favour of the HM too BUT don’t like is don’t like, respect is still respect. Honestly, I do feel sorry her.

I really hope the next HM will be a stern one and ‘can take control’ the school.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Sad, Disappointed.

Yes, I’ve something on my mind and it has been disturbing me since yesterday night. I’ve to let it out!

I was, yesterday, and still am today, very disappointed and sad over an incident where people (whom I respect), somehow or rather, don’t show or know how to respect. We teach our children (from young) to respect, to be well-mannered and to behave. Teachers, on the other hand, do their part to teach students to respect, to be well-mannered and to behave, right? U respect others, u’ll be respected in return, right? Even though I don’t like somebody but will, at least, respect her/him when I have to do so.

I ask these people, weren’t u all a bit too much yesterday morning and night? In the eyes of observers (esp. the respectful people from other schools), very obviously, 'she' was not happy, they can see and know dat u all did it on purpose. What if u were in 'her' shoes? What if u, somehow, have the opportunity to be of service in their school?

'She' tried to call some of u but what (lame) excuses did u all give her?
Everyone attended the dinner tried ways to make her happy. In a way, I felt sorry for 'her'.

Seriously, who were the people in disgrace? Do show a little respect when u need to do so, okay!?