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Monday, December 10, 2007

How I spent my birthday

Pappy treated me and Des, Elyss, Eugene, 2 cucus and their maid to dinner at Unique Fisherman Restaurant, Jalan Cheras. Ordered my favourite sharksfin soup, steamed 'Soon Hock' (don't know what u call this fish in English), steamed soy sauce Tiger prawns, Lotus Root with mixed veggie and macadamia nuts, Angle Loofa with taufu. Wow! So yummy, yummy, yummy, BUT too bad I was sneezing and wrapping 'wantons' non-stop throughout dinner *uuu wah uuu wah* (borrowed from Little Jayden). Such luck! Really spoiled my mood and appetite! Sorry, din bring camera to take pictures cos nothing special about the dishes. And of all things, I forgot to order my favourite baked escargots with cheese. *duh* and *double duh* Will ask Pappy to go again when I'm better *ngek ngek ngek*.

Actually we've been to this restaurant a few times and had taken some pics of the dishes we ordered.

My mood changed when I received this present from Elyss:

My new handset.

Elyss told me when she bought this handset for me, she told the salesperson dat she needed one for her mom and with bluetooth function. When the salesperson heard the handset was for her mom, he told Elyss she need not get a 'canggih' one for an 'old folk' (lou yan kar). He expected Elyss's mom to be an old lady. *duh* What the ....... He was lucky I was not there! 'Kui dou mei sei kor'! (he hasn't been dead before).
WAH HAHAHA! But actually I don't even know what bluetooth is for (hohoho). Hearing my frens have 'canggih' handsets I wanted one too (kekeke). Anyway, thank u so very muchie, Elyss *muaaahhhhh*.

The next day (Saturday), we were invited by a fren to BBQ in his house.

This pic was taken by my new handset.

Destinee and I enjoyed ourselves so much. I enjoyed the BBQ (there were so much food) and Des enjoyed herself running around and playing with the kids.

On Sunday, 9th Decemeber, Pappy was soooooooo nice to drive me to South City Plaza to watch my all time favourite group – The Wynners! They were in town to promote their concert in Stadium Merdeka on 31st December but only 3 (Alan Tam, Bennet Pang and Danny Yip) of them came. The other 2 members, Kenny Bee and Anthony Chan were unable to make it.

Pappy even bought the double CDs for me and which I didn't at all expect him to do and which surprised me was he even queued up and went up the stage to get the signatures for me! (I was away taking Des to the washroom) When we came back, he handed me the CDs (with signatutres). Oooooo ...... oh boy, can u imagine how touched I was? Yup, I was almost in tears. *blek*

The cover of the CDs. See the 3 signatures?

The 2 CDS

He even got me this poster! Yoohoo! (heehee)

Too bad I might not be going to see The Wynners on 31st December cos there's no one to accompany me. *sob sob sob* Or ........ I might go alone .... let's see ..... Anyone? Anyone? Anyone?

Porto Ramano, Unique Fisherman and Jogoya

Back dated post.


This was supposed to be up after my Cameron Highlands trip but again 'dillied dallyed'.

After coming back from Cameron Highlands, our fren (May) took us to this restaurant in Taman Tun. The place was cosy, quiet and good for couples to go for a romantic meal. We went there with all the kids, so u can imagine the 'hoo hahs hoo hahs'. Luckily there were no other patrons (cos it was about 4 p.m.) if not I was sure we were be glared at (heehee). The food we ordered were simply yummy yummy and slurp slurp.

Sphagetti with Creamy Mushroom
Sphagetti Porto Romano
Pizza Mediterranean

Pizza Porto Romano

The 'Library' at a corner

The Book Shelf

This was the Restaurant we went.


Later, we went for dinner with Pappy's family at this Unique Fisherman restaurant in Jalan Cheras. I was talking so much about this restaurant to some of my frens and even recommended them to dine there.

One can choose/order the type of seafood and
can be advised on how the seafood is to be cooked

Steamed 'Sing Pan'

Kailan (the leaves were deep fried and the stems stir fried)

One of their signature dishes – Deep fried Khinzir's trotters

Steamed Bamboo Lala

Steamed fresh prawns


Fried 'Kum Heong' green mussels


Just couldn't help myself and have to post about this restaurant again. Youngest SIL treated us to dinner at this restaurant again. I've posted about this Restaurant
here before. Some of the food I chose this time:

Fresh salmon, 'hoi jit', sotong and my favourite Unagi

Fried Stuffs

Pot of seafood in soup

Grilled 'legs' from King Crab


Wuah lau eh! Imagine the calories and weight I've gained *blek*.

Friday, December 07, 2007


What a gloomy day to start off with. It has been raining since yesterday (when I woke up) and today when I woke up and looked out of the window "Huh? Still raining?"! *yawwwwnnnnnnn* Feel like going back to bed (heehee).

Today marks the 2nd Birthday of my blog. I've been blogging for 2 years and with a little more than 100 posts. *duh* Anyway ........

OH YES, today's MY BIRTHDAY too! Destinee just sang the "Happy Birthday" song to me after I told her it was mommy's birthday today. So sweeeeeet of her (heehee). Oh dear, which makes me older by one year ...... hmmmm ........

AND ........

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Kieran (Laundryamah's prince) and Annie Q's 'lou kung' (and whoever's reading my blog) too who happens to share the same birthdate as me.