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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Naughty Corner

I was reading Zara's mama post on 'Carrot and Stick' and caught my interest when I read on. Naughty Corner? I thought to myself and was grinning. Oh yes, Destinee does have her naughty corner too.
When Destinee was younger, I beat her once with my rotan (cane) on her leg. Actually I wanted to beat her on the buttock but she dodged and 'piak' the rotan went onto her calf (somewhere between the foot and knee) instead. It was a real teruk one with a deep rotan mark which swelled immediately and nearly bled. Pappy was obviously 'heart pain'.
After hitting her, I made her sit on the sofa and from then onwards whenever I reach for my rotan, she will shout frantically "mommy, ng moi dar Yau Yau" (mommy, don't beat Yau Yau) and at the same time she will be running to the sofa. So now, I seldom beat her with the rotan cos she knows what I'm going to do whenever I ask kakak 'mana rotan?'. Basically, the rotan is now used for threatening purpose and for using to 'sweep' things out from under the sofa or behind the TV stand.
At times even before I could reach for the rotan, she would be crying and quickly reaches for the sofa. So, her naughty corner is sitting quietly on one corner of the sofa. I'll make sure she stops crying on her own and nobody is to go to/near her to soothe her (yes, not even pappy cos she'll be crying for pappy with her symphathetic looks and tears). When she stops crying, she'll come to me and I'll ask her 'why did mommy beat u?'. She'll say 'Yau Yau naughty lor'. But as usual, she'll forget the next moment and will be up to her naughty self again. *sigh* *roll eyes*
Destinee said:

Mommy wanted to beat me but before she could do so, I ran crying to the sofa and mommy made me sit on my 'naughty corner'. *help, help*

I noticed dat mommy was trying to take snapshots of me. I was trying to shield myself so dat she would forget about it.

Too bad, mommy ordered me to take away my hands so dat she could take snapshots of me crying. I was scared dat she would beat me so I had to obey and took away my hands unwillingly. How shameful!

After crying for a while, I was forced to stop when nobody bothered to take notice of me. Bad bad mommy, bad bad pappy and bad bad kakak! How could they do this to me? But never mind, I went to mommy and what I did was to say sorry to her, she forgave me and she even carried me.

Monday, March 27, 2006

No more milk bottle!

Destinee is going to be 4 years old and she has been drinking her milk from the milk bottle. She prefers to lie on the bed or tilam to have her milk (she's one of those with lazy bones). I have been thinking to myself, how am I supposed to wean her off. I tried making her drink from a cup and was unsuccessful. Tried feeding her with a spoon – unsuccessful. I tried telling her dat others will 'shame shame' her if they see her using the bottle - unsuccessful again (a big and long ..... haih ....)
One day I was chatting with Jesslyn on msn and I asked her whether her Wien was still using the milk bottle. She told me "NO". Alamak, how I wished she said "Yes" then I wouldn't feel so bad (heehee, soli Jess cos I felt quite ashame on behalf of Destinee). She suggested dat I use a cup with a straw. So I took Destinee to a shopping mall and I let her choose her own cup. She neither wanted the cups with straw nor did she want the beautiful cups with cartoons. She preferred one - a SIPPY CUP. Sippy cup? I told her she has 2 of dat type at home. She put on a scene and I gave in finally and let her have the one she chose and I told her she has to drink her milk from it. She promised by 'criss-crossing' her little finger with my 'little' finger.
She did ask for her milk bottle but kakak was determined and showed her dat her milk bottle teat was stolen by monkey. She broke into tears and showed me the cover (without the teat) and told me the naughty monkey had stolen her milk bottle teat and she could not drink her milk from her milk bottle (hahahahaha, deep down I was laughing). I tried to console her by telling her dat she had to drink from the cup for the time being before I go and catch the naughty monkey and I reminded her of her promise.
True enough, Destinee kept her promise. She drank her milk from her sippy cup! Phew! Finally. For the past two days (since Saturday 25th 2006), she was off her milk bottle and she drank her milk from her sippy cup!
Destinee drinking her milk from her new sippy cup.

See, aren't I a good gal? I had finish my milk. Yippee! No more milk bottle! I'm happy and mommy's the happiest and "Kai Dai Foon Hei" (everybody's happy)

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

"Playing dead"

I was in the hall the other nite, as usual, sitting comfortably on my favourite sofa watching my TV series. Suddenly Destinee came towards me and held my hand.

Destinee: Mommy, mommy, come play with me.
Mommy: *Huh!? Aiyo, I want to watch my TV series, but in order not to disappoint her, got to drag myself unwilling away from the sofa* What do u want to play?
Destinee: *handed me a pistol-like toy fitted (L-shaped) from her imitation of Lego* Mommy, mommy, u point gun at me.
Mommy: *Huh!?* Point gun at u. Why?
Destinee: Mommy, u point lar.
Mommy: Okay, okay. *Point the 'gun' at her*.
Destinee: Okay, mommy, u shoot me now.
Mommy: HUH!? Shoot u? *wondering*
Destinee: Ya lor, mommy, u point gun at me and shoot me.
Mommy: *still blur blur, but point the gun at her*. Bieng! Bieng!
Destinee: Aiyak! *fell down and laid on the floor with her eyes open*
Mommy: *seeing dat she didn't move for a few seconds, I decided to call her* Yau Yau! *ee, no response wor but she was staring at me. Touched her. No response again. Called her again* Yau Yau!
Destinee: *grinning* Yau Yau sei jor mar (Yau Yau's dead oredi mar).
Mommy: Hahaha, Yau Yau's dead but ur eyes are open wor.
Destinee: Hai mar, (Yes mar) if Yau Yau close eyes, cannot see mommy lor.
Mommy: Ar?! *roll eyes*
Mommy: Okay, okay, u stay there, mommy take camera and take a snapshot of u 'lying dead on the floor', okay?
Destinee: Okaylor.

Destinee 'playing dead'

Oh dear, I think this girl of mine has been watching too many TV programmes.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

My lunchies

This post is specially dedicated to my sister June. She's always asking me what I have for lunch everyday thru Skype. She misses the M'sian food so much and she's going to 'strangle' me for not taking her to have some of the specialties near my working place. The followings are my favourites and what I usually eat during my lunch time.
Savoury Rice Pudding (Woon Jai Kou) Taufuking (grilled taufu pieces, grilled sotong, meat floss, mixed veggie and sauce)
Chinese Rojak (Varieties of fruits in rojak sauce)

Minced meat porridge which comes in a set with a piece of fried pancake and a cup of herbal tea.

"Dai Bou Meen" (Wantan mee with wantans)
(what is special about this is dat the noodles are without black soya sauce) a
There are two stalls (next to each other) under the 'Big Tree' near my working place – one which serves Beef Noodles and another Curry Laksa and Noodles with Chicken. If u are familiar with Pudu, the stalls are just situated behind Caltex Station and the former Majestic Theatre. The stories of the Beef Noodles and Curry Mee stalls were featured in one of the Chinese Magazine – Famous Cuisine No. 34.

Beef Noodles

Curry Laksa Noodles
Chicken drumstick and Char Siew Noodles Soup
Pork Meat Noodles
"Yong Tau Fu", "Chee Cheong Fun" and my glass of "Kat Jai Suin Mui" (lime with assam boi juice)

I don't think June will be interested in the Yong Tau Fu cos she prefers the home-made ones from her dear sister (dat's me) *cough cough*

Salted Fish Fried Rice

Hahaha, drooling now?

P/s: Actually I have another pic of my favourites, Cendol and Indian Rojak, which I'm not going to post here in case I get "jeered" by Jason cos the Cendol is nothing compared to the Cendol in Malacca.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Destinee at "work"

"The yacht before being pasted by me."
"Let me get this glue on the paper and paste the last piece (blue colour) of the yacht.""Okay, done with the yacht. I'm going to paste the sail."

"I'm pasting the sail ..... slooooowly does it."

"Finally ...... isn't it a beauty?"
"Ta ..... da ..... finally I've got the envelope coloured."

"Shhh ...... Don't disturb me, I'm trying out the 50 pieces jigsaw puzzle. Gosh, not an easy job. Mommy got no patience to wait for me to finish the work."

"See, no joke, dat was done by me too."
"Well, better do some reading before calling it a day."

Friday, March 03, 2006

Update on Elyss

First and foremost, thank u, terima kasih, sieh sieh, nanderi, arigato, toh jieh, toh chia, kam sia ... etc. everyone. Elyss is not able to thank everyone, so, mommy's doing it on her behalf. She was so touched when I told her dat she has so many well-wishes from mommy's blog.
Elyss had her operation on 1st March, 2006 (a day to remember cos it was her Uncle Gilbert's (June's hubby) birthday too) and had the lump removed and was discharged the next day. Dr. Lyou from SJMC did a very nice job on her. Other than the pain she's enduring, she's doing fine and recuperating. She can't take painkillers as she's allergic to them. What a brave girl my No. 1 princess is. Imagine how painful it is to bear without taking painkillers. The happiest moment was dat the lump was NOT cancerous. Phew! Whatever worries and scary moments we had were washed off.
Elyss would like to send her special thanks to June for this:

and Rachel who will be sending the recipes for a convalescence.
(updated 6/3/06) I was chatting with with Rachel on msn and she told me she would be sending some recipes for a convalescence for me and what I expected were recipes but when I received a package from Gdex, there were 3 packets of herbs inside! She even took the trouble to write the names of the herbs! When I sent an sms msg to Elyss, this was her reaction: "My gosh! I'm totally speechless. She's even nicer than my real friends ..... thank u so much Rachel.

P/s: Maybe this website will help whoever is interested to know more about fibroids: