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Friday, May 29, 2009

Last day of school in Q-Dees

November 14, 2008 marked the last day of school for Destinee in Q-Dees and to celebrate Children's day. She was 'blur blur' and did not really understand dat she would be leaving her favourite Teacher Linda and her little classmates. She thought she would be meeting them when she goes to Primary 1 in 2009. I did try to explain to her dat she might not be meeting her friends again but will be meeting new friends in her new school.

Her best friends Ainantul and Cho Kai En.

Gifts for her teachers.
The kids were encouraged to bring gifts to exchange.

Gifts for her 2 best friends.

Gifts for her classmates.

Gifts from her classmates.

Kid werere treated to a magic show.

Eee .. dat's not Des. She's SQ (Msau's daughter).

A picture for keeps.

Bye-bye classmates, Bye-bye Teacher Linda, Bye-bye Teacher Amanda, Bye-bye Teacher Fen and lastly BYE-BYE Q-DEES!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Graduation - 6 years old

My little girl finally graduated from her kindergarten. We paid RM185 for the renting of the hall, graduation robe, the ballet outfit, tickets, chartering of the buses (for ferrying the kids from the school to the designated place), etc. The graduation ceremony and concert took place in The Summit Subang on 1st November, 2008.

The concert started off with the singing of the National Anthem, speech by the principal and gratitude speeches by the 3 six-year-old students of En Armstrong. The graduation ceremony was next on the programme list.

Des receiving the graduation folder from her principal, Teacher Fen.

A group photo of the 'graduates'

Front: Rushil, Yap Siew Cheng, Destinee Lee, Ainantul, Yau Weng Ka,
Yap Siew Leng, Wong Lee Xian, Liew Kien Fei
Centre: Choo Weng How, Wong Ling Mei, Kor Chien, Shirleen Liew,
Emily Lo, Pang Sher Man, Bryan Liew, Leong Ler Yoong, Anson Foong
Back: T. Fen, T. Amanda, Low Pak Shen, Chew Wen Xuan, Loke Pei Nee,
Tong Ru Yin, Chor Kai En, Wong Yi Wen, Tee Sui Yang, Yong Yuet Hung,
T. Ann and T. Linda.

After the graduation ceremony, the programme continued with performances by the cute little students:
  1. Run The Show - 3 years old (T. Vivian)
    Rock & Roll - 3 years old (T. Li Xin)
  2. Wheel on the Bus & Twinkle Twinkle Little Star - 3 years old (T. Vivian & T. Li Xin)
  3. Butterfly - 4 years (T. Jesinta)
  4. Hai-Ho - 5 years old (T. Tharane)
  5. Xiao Xiao Yang Er Yao Hui Jia (Little Lambs want to go home) - 4 years old (T. Ann)
  6. Swan Lake - 6 years old (T. Linda)
  7. Shang Shang Xia Xia (Up Up Down Down) - 5 years old (T. Amanda)
  8. The Ants Go Marching By - 5 years old (T. Moh)
  9. Arabian Dance - 5 years old (T. Ann)
  10. Xiao Xiao Yinghuochong (Little Fireflies) - 4 years (T. Ann)
  11. Sailor Dance - 6 years old (T. Amanda)
  12. Bo Lang Gu (Struggle Waves Drums) - 5 years old (T. Tharane)
  13. Tian Shang & Wo De Shen Ti (Up The Sky & My Body) - 4 years old (T. Veness)
  14. Yi Bi Ya Ya & Little Sunny Waters - 4 years old (T. Amanda)
  15. Home Sweet Home & Opposites Attract - 5 & 6 years old (T. Ann)
  16. Hao Jiu Bu Jian (Long Time No See) - 5 years old (T. Moh)
  17. Percussion - 6 years old (T. Linda)

Little 'swans' performing the Swan Lake dance.

A mis-matched pair (hahaha).
The smallest and the tallest/biggest size girls from En Armstrong 2008.

Des and classmates getting ready for the percussion performance.

Sorry to say, the other performances pics were so 'lousily' taken, so in order not to strain ur eyes to see, therefore they won't be shown here (heehee).

The ceremony ended with the teachers and kids singing to the tune of the Q-dees song and Rasa Sayang.


Tuesday, May 26, 2009


At last, after such a long absence, I'm finally back. So many to update and don't know where to continue from where I've stopped. The following posts will be mostly on the happenings of Destinee, her graduation from kindy and her days in Primary 1.

Shifted from Seri Kembangan to a place in Taman Cheras Utama, I've yet to adapt to the new environment and still haven't met any friends except the committee members. I could easily make friends in my former place. Seems dat over here most ppl don't come out often from the house to 'kepoh' (sorry, not saying dat ppl from my former place likes to 'kepoh' heehee). Anyway, this place is more comfortable.

Living Hall
Just love to laze on the sofa and watch AOD (heehee).

Dining area and Kitchen
My favourite corner - The kitchen

View from the Kitchen.
I love this view. Whenever I'm at the sink, I'll get this serene scene.
Can hear birds chirping every now and then and can see a lot of monkeys too.
I once counted there were about 20 monkeys jumping from trees to trees.

Destinee's room.
Pink, pink, pink, whenever I ask her 'what colour do u want?".
Without hesitation, her answer will be 'PINK' (haiya).