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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Des's Kindy Sports Day 2008

27th July, 2008 (Sunday) marked Des's kindy Sports Day. It was so easy waking up Des dat morning. I just had to whisper to her dat it was Sports Day and she was wide awake (heehee). Showed dat she was really excited and eager to 'get' her medal. Pappy was not free to attend and I had to hitch a ride from Des's classmate's (Kai En) mum. We had to reach the Kompleks 3K MPSJ Serdang Jaya's badminton stadium at 9.15 a.m. There were oredi a lot of parents/spectators and students in the hall. Some younger kids (3 or 4-year olds) were crying and some were running around with either parent chasing after them, some were shouting/screaming – HAVOC!

At about 9.30 a.m., the National Anthem and the school's song were presented by the teachers and children.

The 1st event started off with the 3-year olds doing an obstacle race with their parents (which I suppose was a bit difficult with too many stages). The parents had to hold the kid and let the kid jump on the trampoline 10 times, then run to pick up a ball from the basket and the kid had to jump on 5 hoops placed on the ground and put the ball into another basket. Next the kid had to walk on a piece of wood with the parents holding him/her. Finally, they (kid and parents) had to place a piece of newspaper and step on it and get another from behind and step on it (so on and so forth) until they reached the finishing line. I really feel it was such a troublesome event for 3-year-old kids who didn't even know what was happening. Some clinged to the parents and it was like the parents doing the obstacle instead. Maybe it was the school's idea to let the family enjoy.

Des participated in 2 events – Sack hopping race and another was to apply lipstick on mommy's lips and to put on socks for Pappy. As Pappy was not present, Teacher Linda was kind enough to become 'Pappy' for this event.


The 3-year olds were the first to receive the medals, followed by the 4 and 5-year olds and the 6-year olds were the last. After the presentation of the medals, we were treated to buffet lunch (not without having paid RM30). As the 6-year olds were the last to receive the medals, we were oso the last batch to go into the hall for the buffet lunch. The following was what I commented in Msau's blog:

"Wah! U had 2 plates and so much food. Organisation for the food was indeed very bad. By the time, the 6 years old received their medals, the food was mostly gone oredi. When I and Des went to the hall, we had only fried mee, meehun, fried chicken and some fruits only. Wanted to go for a 2nd round, SEMUA SUDAH HABIS pulak! Of course lor, some came with THE ENTIRE FAMILY (even with grandparents, relatives, maids) and walloped (filled the plates like ‘mountain’) but can’t blame the school too cos how to control people for coming to support hor?"

In my opinion, the school shouldn't have let parents participate in the events in the 1st place cos the scene was like a 'fish market' with so many parents on the 'field' (like last year's where parents did not participate, everything was well organised). And maybe they should have assigned some parents to help to control the kids.

The day's event ended at about 12 noon, Kai En's mum drove us back and once we reached home, I had to drag Pappy to take me out for lunch .... haiya cos stomach was still not filled up yet.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Bits and bits

Found these 2 pics while I was browsing thru Destinee's photo folders.

Both the pics were taken during Chinese New Year.
Top pic: Taken in 2006 (4 years old)

Bottom pic: Taken in 2008 (6 years old)

Oooo ..... eeeee ..... the 2 pics reminds me of how my girl has grown.

Jess (if u are reading), remember this pretty dress? It was sent last year but was a bit too large then (Wien's size is 'bigger' than Des [heehee]). It was only recently dat Des could wear. Thank u so very muchie Jess.

Front of the dress

Back of the dress

Whenever she's free, she is always and enjoys drawing. Below are some of them which are for keeps.

Her Map to the Treasure Hunt.
I was told the "X' marks where the treasure is.
Wonder what's inside? (heehee)

Saying and waving bye-bye to Mommy on her way to school.
Mommy's standing at the grille door.

A picture which she saw in a book and drew on the whiteboard.
It's about a selfish girl having all the sweets and doesn't share with her fren.

Destinee's on the left, Pappy's in the centre and Mommy's on the right.

When her Pappy disturbs her, dat's what she'll draw and write when she got irritated.

When she knew she did something wrong and
when Papa and Mommy didn't take notice of her.

Recognise the 2 figures? Dat's Noddy on the left and
Tessy Bear on the right from
"Make way for Noddy"

She learnt this from Art Time, Disney Channel.
Cat, Horse, Lion, Tiger, Bear and Dog.

This was done in school during Science lesson on Healthy Food.

And her lastest 'love': Sand Art Craft

This was her first experience and she 'fell in love' with the art, of course with a little help from Pappy peeling off the unwanted pre-cut areas. She has been asking her Pappy to take her to the shopping mall to practise her skills. I know she'll get bored with her 'new love' eventually. However, let's see.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Mid Year Assessment (2008)

It was time of the year to collect Destinee's mid year assessment from her school during the Teachers'/Parents' Meeting in June. As usual, it was I who had 'butterflies' in my stomach when it was my turn to meet Des's class teacher, Teacher Linda. I took a deep breath when Teacher Linda smiled and said "these are what u are waiting for" and handed me the papers (English, Bahasa Malaysia and Maths).

Recently, Des is being taught additions of tens and ones with tens and ones in school. I must admit dat Des is not very good as she's still confused with the tens and ones (she's still blur-blur which numbers are the tens and the ones and sometimes will write the answer the opposite way, eg. the answer to 74 + 15 is 89 but she will write 98 as the answer *sweats*). Teacher Linda remarked in her report card dat Des needed more practices. Well, I guess I need to 'brush' up her maths by letting her practise more.

After seeing Teacher Linda, I went to see Teacher Amanda (Des's Mandarin teacher) and was handed the result of Des's Chinese Assessment paper.

I told Teacher Amanda dat I'm a 'banana' in Mandarin and I felt grateful and happy when she agreed to help me by writing the 'hanyu pinyin' to the 'new' Chinese words in Des's reading book. Teacher Amanda told me Des has improved a lot in her Chinese reading and writing. When it comes to writing, she writes faster and neater now. Dat was quite a compliment.

When I've checked thru her papers, I heaved a sigh of relief. It was like I sat for the assessment and finally got thru *phew*.

And as for the reward she wanted:

Princess Coin Box