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Monday, August 24, 2009

Hospitalised ..... again?

Dear all, first of all, thank u so much for ur well wishes.

I mentioned in FB dat I purged 8 times. I din vomit this time as what I did the last time I was hospitalised last year. I started to have pain in the stomach or more like muscle cramps on Friday morning after eating 'chee cheong fun' which Pappy 'tar-paued' for me.

I started purging and by 10 ish I oredi purged 8 times. No choice, I had to see the doctor and she told me if the purging and pain persist, I had to be hospitalised. In my mind the words kept repeating "PLEEEAASSSEEEEE, I DON'T WANT TO GO THE HOSPITAL!" After taking the medicine, I still purged and the pain still persisted. After work, I went to another doctor and was prescribed different medicine. I had no appetite for anything (I din have lunch or dinner) but I forced myself to drink water and 100+.

From morning till midnight, I counted I oredi purged 17 TIMES! Pappy suggested to send me to the hospital but I was reluctant. But the cramps, was unbearable, a long cramp and followed by short cramps every now and then (like when u're in labour). I tried to think the pain away but gave in eventually and asked Pappy to send me to the hospital which was quite near to where we are staying.

I was immediately sent to the emergency room and was on drips. Blood was taken to be tested. The doctor told me I wasn't really food poisoned cos I din vomit but was viral infected and I was dehydrating. I had to spend the nite in the hospital .... arrggghhhh! Okay, never mind, since it was oredi about 2.45 a.m. when I was wheeled to the ward, I just had to spend a few hours and I could go back.

I had a sleepless nite. Pappy came with Des (both of them wore mask as advised by the hospital) at about 10.30 a.m. the next morning (Saturday) and after spending some time with me, Pappy took Des to the office as he had to send some jobs to his client.

Dr. Rao (who attended to me last year) came to check on me at about 11 a.m., advised me stay another day so dat he could monitor me as I still purged and the cramps still lingered. Arrrrgggggh ......! I still didn't have appetite for anything but did forced myself to have some porridge. At nite, Pappy came to keep me company but this time without Des who was with Elyss's.

What affected me emotionally was what Pappy brought me - a letter from Destinee. He told me she wrote it while they were in the office and she was crying as she was writing and drawing. When I looked at the envelope, I was so touched and when I read the letter I had tears in my eyes ..... awwwww .....

The front of the envelope

The back of the envelope

The contents:

I want mummy to come back.
I must have mummy.
I think of mummy very much.
I want mummy to come back today.
I feel like crying.

Touching or not?

After on drips (6 bottles) and medication for 2 days in the hospital, my appetite came back. I 'walloped' my breakfast (bread and milo-o), lunch (fish porridge), tea (biscuit and milo) and dinner (fish porridge). I stopped purging but occasionally there were still short cramps. My blood was taken again for test. The doctor came and allowed me to be discharged ... wooohooo ...

I was discharged at about 12.30 p.m. (Sunday) but after the 'klik klak klik klak' procedures, at about 2.30 p.m., I was finally back to my 'home sweet home'. Phew ... it was so good to be back.

Thanks again fellow bloggers.

p/s: All in all I purged 22 times! As I'm writing this, gives me the shudders when I recalled what happened.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

On the day of her birthday

As usual no big celebration for Destinee's birthday (9th August, Sunday) this year. It was a last minute preparation so din invite any of her friends. Des only wanted Charlett and Charmaine to join in. Called Elyss to bring her kids over.

Actually Des has asked Christine (Des's classmate & best friend in class and who's staying nearby) to come over to play as the exam was over. I called Fanny (Christine's mummy) to bring Christine over but they had to go to church cos Des din let Christine know dat it was her birthday. So, we started off with the 'party' without Christine.

Des with the food

As Des wanted to wait for Christine to join in before the singing of the Birthday song, we waited for Fanny to call. We picked Christine after Fanny called to say they were back.

Des counting the number of candles ....
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7
Correct, there're 7 candles.

The kids singing the Happy Birthday song.
From left: Christine, Destinee, Charmaine and Charlett

Des making a wish.
When Charmaine saw Des closed her eyes
to make a wish, she too closed her eyes. *heehee*

Cake cutting

'Look at me, this is how I gobble the cake', says Christine.

The kids enjoying themselves playing "Boowa and Kwala"
on the computer.

After some time at the computer, it was time for Christine to go back but Des was reluctant to let her go, telling us dat it was still early but we told her we promised Christine's mummy dat we had to send Christine back at about 5.30 pm. After some reasonings and pleadings only did Des allowed Christine to go back *phew*.

Elyss later took the kids to Jusco's Wonderland.

Des and Charlett challenging each other at
the Tiny Hockey table.

On the carousel.

Destinee definitely enjoyed the day and had a wonderful time.

Sunday, August 09, 2009

Happy Birthday to Destinee

Monday, August 03, 2009

Hula Hoop Dance

Destinee joined the school's Co-curriculum's Dancing (舞蹈) and Calligraphy (书法) societies at the beginning of the year. She was supposed to join the English society and I didn't understand why her class teacher placed her in the Calligraphy society. After attending a few lessons, Destinee came back and told me what she did in Calligraphy class and I now understand why she was placed in the Calligraphy society. She gets to learn the art of writing the Chinese words in which she's weak in. I guess her teacher knows Des is not good in Chinese and wants her to learn and write more. Anyway, 谢谢你,魏老师.

Destinee loves dancing, come Wednesday and Friday, she'll be the one to remind me to pack her 'activity' uniform into her bag. The dancing group made their first appearance when they performed during the school's mini sports day (more of a telematch).

Destinee with some of her schoolmates.
Dat's Ah Nee in the background.
She helped with the making-up of the kids.

a: Destinee with her classmates, Shiau Huei and Hoi Sei
b: Destinee, Hoi Sei and Hui Jing whom Des calls 'Big sister' (大姐姐)

Hahaha, the shirt and short pants look a bit too loose on her.

The 'dancers' dancing to the tune of "Do Re Mi".

Solo performance.

I was told dat she was the only one who knew how to 'hula' the hoop during the practices and dat might be the reason why her dance teacher let her performed alone.

I wasn't worried whether the hoop will fall halfway but what worried me was her pair of pants. I wished and wished it woundn't drop, else ..... no eyes see. Luckily it 'stayed' on. *kekekekeke*

The rest of the dance .....

Should have 'videocammed' the performance but poor me doesn't have a videocam ... :(