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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Food & Desserts

Long time didn't blog about food I cook, so, time to make u people out there drool again. *heehee* Ready? Set ...... Go!

Marmite Prawns

Fried Pork Belly

Pork Ribs with Pineapple

Ingredients for Fried Long Beans, Mushrooms, Carrots
with 'Fu Yue' (Fermented Beancurd)

The Dish


Bottom Layer of Cendol Agar-Agar

Top Layer of Cendol Agar-Agar

Cut pieces of Cendol Agar-agar

Ang Kuih Agar-agar

And my version of Fish Head Noodles .......

The ingredients: fried fish head, tomatoes, slices of ginger,
'ham choy' (salted veggie), evaporated milk, veggie and meehoon

and the STAR of this post ............ *drum roll* .............

My bowl of yummylicious FISH HEAD NOODLES!

Purposely post this before lunch time. Happy drooling! *evil grin* Hahahahaha!

Friday, August 17, 2007

Bloggers' Gathering (11th August, 2007)

Yeah! Yeah! I attended another bloggers' gathering again, this time at Marmalade Cafe in Bangsar Village II. Thank u so muchie to Barbara for organising and it was oso a farewell gathering for Yvonne who'll be moving to Singapore with her family soon. I have to thank Elyss for driving me and Destinee to Bangsar Village too as Pappy was working. We took a 'long long' way from our starting destination cos the only way I know to Bangsar is from Brickfields *blek*.

Elyss was more familiar with Bangsar Village and we managed to find Marmalade Cafe as soon as we reached. When I entered, the first person who caught my eyes was Jazzmint and my eyes 'surveyed' thru and I saw *wow*, so many bloggers and everyone was seated and busy munching away oredi. I know, I know, I was about 45 minutes late, very very sorry. Glad dat everyone was still there. The lot of us actually occupied 3 LONG TABLES!

As what Egghead mentioned, many were familiar faces like Jazzmint
, LaundryAmah, Sasha, Angeline, Shannon, Yvonne, Annie Q, Barbara, & Dinah. It was my first time meeting Julian, (who came to KL in conjunction with a meeting) Nadia, Sabrina, (who came all the way from Taiping) and Elly.

Okay, the pictures tell all:

One of the tables occupied by Jazzmint, Egghead,
LaundryAmah, Sasha, Shannon and Nadia.

Dat's Luke (in blue) and Kieran (at the end)

Pretty little Raelyanne with Daddy and Mummy

Left: The 'star' of our gathering, Ryan
who'll be moving to S'pore with his parents.

Right: The ever cute cute Jayden

Handsome Keith who obligingly allowed me to take a snap of him
and on the right is chubby chubby Rachel

Princess and Prince of Jazzmint

The twins, Fearles and Cruz

Irfan with Papa and Rachel with Daddy Tecky

Shy shy Oscar and active Mika

The ever clingy Destinee

Missed taking Little Missy Ashley's pic cos she just wouldn't stay still and let me 'click' her and her little brother, Aidan, was in 'lala land' throughout.

Barbara, once again, tengkiu very muchie, u did a very good job and sorry dat u had to do the accounting. Thinking of organising another meeting again? (heehee *fast fast run away*)

And to Yvonne, do keep us updated when u are in S'pore, okay? *will miss u and Ryan*

It was really great meeting everyone and hope to meet u all again!

Monday, August 13, 2007

On Des's 'Birthday' day

What happened was I prepared some party packs and muffins for Des's little classmates a day before Des's birthday. I sort of 'stole' the idea of the party packs from Angie and Magictree. I passed the packs to Des's class teacher and requested her distribute to the kids during snack time.

Colourful Party Packs for her little classmates

When Des came back from school, she told me she was very happy. I asked her why. She told me Teacher Linda made her stand in front of the class and made her classmates sang the birthday song to her and she was grinning all the way.

Pappy and I didn't order any cakes but I baked some muffins for Des instead. She fell in love with muffins after taking Laundryamah's muffin at a previous gathering and always asking me to buy muffins for her, so, I decided to try my hands on baking some chocolate muffins for her and (hohoho) they were simply delicious.

Chocolate Muffins for the Birthday girl

Des with her presents

Des's presents

I was not in the least surprised dat her favourite's the musical box with the 'pearls' handle from her sister Elyss and the Kipper VCD from her 'kai mah'.

See for urself what I meant.

When she got up from bed, she carried the musical box with her to her potty while she was still 'pun mung pun sang' (half asleep, half awake) *roll eyes*.

We actually invited Destinee's 2 bestest frens (Suet-Suet and Charlett) & family and her 'kai mah' (godmother) Elaine to dinner at a fren's restaurant. Didn't take any pics of the food cos nothing special about the dishes. Most importantly was I made sure I didn't forget to order sharksfin soup as dat happens to be Des's (and MY) favourite but the soup was a disappointment, it was more like starch soup. The rice was a little bit close to thick porridge, the steamed Patin fish was not very cooked, the buttered (dry) prawns were tasteless, the buttered (wet) crabs (flesh) were 'lum pat pat' (not very fresh), the fried veggie was too little and a bit salty. Alamak, sounded like nothing was nice to eat. Oh yes, there was something which was tasty and sweet ..... the dessert ..... a plate of papaya (heehee). No choice, it was Pappy who suggested to patronise his fren's restaurant to show a little of his support for his fren ... haiya ...

The 3 'bestest' friends
(Suet-Suet, Destinee and Charlett)

These were what Des drew on her birthday.

Dat's herself with balloons and a cake with 5 candles.

Herself with 2 frens and some drinks.

Dat's was how we celebrated Destinee's birthday.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Happy 5th Birthday

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

If I have $1 million

Tagged again, this time by these lovely mummies, Chanel (Jeriel's mummy), Msau (SQ's and Kiki's mummy) and Xilly (Yiyi and Tung Tung's mummy). Sorry, sorry gals for delaying in doing this tag. Have been very, very, very 'dead' busy the past 2 weeks dat I didn't have the time to blog-hop let alone leave comments and write posts (sob, sob, sob).

Okay, what will I do if I have $1 million. Did I see wrong? It's 1 million $ (dollars) hor? Hei, hei, didn't state as in US, Singapore or HK dollar leh. But if it's in RM, forget it lar cos there're lots of millionaires in (tak)Bolehland.

I'm a greedy person, always dreaming of winning RM3 million from the lottery but Pappy always pours very icy cold water on me and tells me not to daydream too much *haiya*. So I treat dat as 1 million USD, okay or not? Aiyo, 'futt dat' (rich) lor! Wuah lau eh! How much is $1 million? How many zeros are there? *scratch head* Haven't seen $1 million mar. *count count count and converting into RM*. How much ah?

If I have $(US)1 million, what will I do and how will I spend:

  • Buy houses for myself, June, Elyss, brother Tuck and youngest sis)
  • Save some for Des's education and needs
  • Employ 2 maids (one to do housework and one to take care of Des)
  • Go for holidays with hubby's and my family
  • Donate to old folks homes and orphanages
  • Go shopping and shopping and shopping
  • Lastly, keep some for 'kun choi pun' (savings for coffin? heehee)

Eiks! Enough or not? Well, can dream, can't I? Boy oh boy, how I love and wish to have 1 million USD and I love to day dream!

Okay, done. Not tagging anyone.