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Monday, June 25, 2007

Destinee's Mid Term's Progress

Today's oredi the 25th June, 2007. Dat means Destinee has been going to her pre-school for half a year. Wow! How time flies! I just posted about her 1st Term's progress here not long ago (I did delay in posting dat's why I felt it was not long ago, heehee).

On the 19th June, 2007, I received a call from Des's class teacher, Teacher Linda (former class teacher was Teacher Mary who decided to move back to her hometown in Penang), asking me to collect Destinee's report on her recent exam. The meeting was scheduled on the 22nd June at 8.15 a.m. In my mind I was thinking
"Huh?! Time of the year to meet the teacher again? So fast?"

We were on time this time and had to wait for a while as Teacher Linda was still attending to a parent. As I was waiting, I felt excited and could feel my heart beats thumping faster as if I was the one getting my report card *duh*.

When I and Des were seated in front of Teacher Linda, I was handed Des's Mid Term Exam's results:

Why 99 1/2 marks? Below is the mistake she made and
as there were 2 answers to the sentence 1/2 a mark was deducted (Des can write better than me. I don't know how to write in Chinese and I'm now learning with her *yeah*)

When I finished browsing Des's results, I gave myself a big heave of relief. *phew* Despite she had a B for her Interaction (as expected again), Teacher Linda told me Des was the "all rounder" in the class. My girl did me proud! I hope she'll be able to maintain the good work *keeping my fingers crossed*. At least she could name all her classmates now compared to when she was asked during the 1st Term where she knew only 2 of her classmates. I guess I have to take Des out more often to 'socialise'.

I was surprised Teacher Linda complimented dat Des is able to read and write without much supervision whereas at home Des always wanted me to accompany and guide her while doing her homework. I was glad Des could read and understand this page from her BM book.

Destinee's Mid Term's books were oso returned to me:

English Reading Books

Chinese Books

Bahasa Malaysia Books

Maths Books

Lab and Work Sheets

So far so good, I have no regrets sending my girl to this pre-school.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

My "Cucus"

As most of u know dat I'm a 'por por' (grandmother), I would very much like to 'show off' my 'grandcucus' (grandchildren). Gosh, the word 'grandmother', makes me sound so old but I'm so proud of my grandcucus.

Elyss has her own blog but it has been collecting cobwebs *sigh* so I might as well do some updates on her cutie pie princesses for her cos I 'tak boleh tahan lagi' (cannot bear any longer).

Charlett is my elder 'cucu' and she's such a darling to everyone especially to her 'mah mah' (paternal grandma) and 'yeh yeh' (paternal grandpa), an apple to their eyes to be exact. She's 3+ (going to be 4 this October) and speaks English most of the time. She's learning the Chinese language now and when asked in Mandarin, she'll answer with a funny (English mixed with Chinese) accent. She learns and 'absorbs' very fast. Tell her a story, she'll remember and will be able to tell u by starting "Once upon a time, long long ago ........." Princess is what she loves to address herself. She even have an imaginary friend and when asked where her imaginary friend is now, she would reply "she lives in a far far away land and u need to sit in an aeroplane to go and see her". Isn't dat cute of her? Charlett and her "yi yi" (auntie) are the best of friends.

Isn't Charlett a sweet little girl?

And recently I was promoted again with the arrival of Charmaine, the younger daughter of Elyss. Charmaine arrived a day before Dinah's Aidan – 7th May, 2007. She was supposed to come out on the 24th May which would have coincided with 'Kung Kung's' (Pappy) birth date but guess little Charmaine was too eager to see the world!

This little bb is so different from Charlett – she's fairer; her hair is golden whereas Charlett's is black; she looks boyish and most of all she's so much 'noisier' than Charlett. She'll cry her lungs out for milk. The next door neighbours didn't even know there was a baby around when Charlett was born but the neighbours from the nearby streets will know when Charmaine screamed! (my exaggeration, heehee). Worst of all, she likes to be 'cradled' to sleep by whoever carries her. Once u put her down, she'll immediately 'ngi ngi ngek ngek' and when not attended, be prepared to hear her wails! Ha, dat reminded me of Elyss when she was baby. I was telling Elyss, "Good, good, Charmaine's here to take revenge for her 'por por'". Hohoho! (soli soli Elyss, just could not help myself to 'bocor' (leak) this secret.

Isn't she adorable? She does look like a boy, doesn't she?

And this is their "Yi Yi" (Auntie):