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Thursday, July 27, 2006

This and That

Updating my blog with this and that.
Destinee often calls me in the office and asks me to buy cakes for her. Her intentions of having the cakes are blowing the candles and singing the Happy Birthday Song and this is a monthly or biweekly event ... aiyo ... this girl of mine.

Des getting ready to blow the candle after singing the Happy Birthday song.

Dat's Des with Ashley (Vicki's daughter). Ashley is a very friendly little girl and can get acquainted with Des very fast. This was taken in Jazzmint's house during her Vkytore's full moon celebration. The children were presented with a party pack and Des was so happy to receive the gift. Whose kid doesn't? Once she received the pack, she was oredi fumbling what was inside ... haiya .....
Yeah, yeah, I got to meet Jazzmint, Mr. Hon, Faythe (she's a cute little one, still with spiky hair) & Vkytore (he was all the while sleeping in the bassinet) - he has spiky hair too. When u look at him, it's like when u are looking at Mr. Hon senior (kekeke). Sharon was there with hubby and Brendan. Brendan is a shy little fella (heehee, maybe in front of strangers). Vicki came with hubby and her A&W (Ashley and Wayne). I was so glad to meet them. One disappointment was dat I didn't manage to meet Vichelle (Joo's mommy), Sue (Ivan's and Izac's mommy) and Chinnee (QiQi's mommy). I really looked forward to meeting them when Jazz told me she invited them. Chinnee couldn't make it as she was out of town, Vichelle went off before I arrived and Sue was late. Well, there's always another time.

Bought some Magic Painting Books for Des from MPH, The Curve. I was trying to find the copies which I bought for her previously but after searching high and low the whole bookstore, there was none to be found until I went to a shelf at a corner and found the above and I grabbed each of whatever they had.

Elyss bought a pair of Pingu sandals from the net for Des. Aren't they cute?

Destinee trying on her Pingu sandals and she just love wearing them.

Destinee's old tricycle and it's a bit too 'tiny' for her.

So, Pappy bought a new pink-coloured bicycle for her. Before having this, she oredi hinted me she wanted one like Wien (Jess's elder princess) jeh jeh's bicycle which she saw from Jess's blog.
It took her two rounds to get used to it and she was off cycling on her own. She has to cycle outside the house as she cannot manouevre it in our teeny weeny apartment.

This cute little cake was bought the day before yesterday to celebrate Des's birthday (Chinese calendar). Heehee, she'll be having 3 birthdays this year as she was born on the 1st day in the 7th month of the Chinese calendar. There are TWO 7th-month this year (according to the Chinese calendar - 'yun' (lunar) 7th month). Some people told me dat kids esp. GIRLS born on the 1st and 15th day of the Chinese calendar are very 'difficult' kids - difficult in the sense dat they are very naughty kids and not easy to take care of (usually cry babies) but on the brighter side, they are SMART and CLEVER ones (haha, at least there's a consolation).

The above pic of the cake looks big but the the actual size is only a teeny weeny one (heehee). When I bought the cake home and showed her, she said "Eeee, mommy, why so small?"

Yesterday nite Des received her first 'bungalow' on her forehead. She was jumping from one sofa to another and before my maid could warn her, she slipped, went head down first and sommersaulted. A small bump of seen protruding on her forehead. She was wailing her lungs out and complained 'pain pain' every now and then and wanted us to soothe her! We have been warning her not to jump from the sofa. Told her umpteen times dat she will miss her step and fall but she never heeded to our advices and so finally she got her the 'taste' of having a 'bungalow'. I wanted to take snapshot of the 'bungalow' but she refused to allow me and quickly covered the 'bungalow' with her fringes. In a way, dat taught her a lesson. We asked her whether she would like to jump from the sofa or not, she said "No thanks, after I fall, pain pain". I'll wait and see how long she'll take to remember not to jump and forget about the 'pain pain'.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

What u ordered will not be what ur recipient will receive

I felt I had been CHEATED! Let me rant it in my blog. The below was supposed to be what I ordered from one of the florists in Kuala Lumpur and was to be sent to Michelle in Penang. Looks so presentable and nice, doesn't it?
Note: Picture as shown : Option 2. Contents as shown: Red Roses, Yellow Daisies, Assorted Fillers, Brands Essence of Chicken, Milo, Quaker Oats, Glucosa, Ribena.

And what they sent was THIS:

Anyone fell off the chair?
As what Michelle mentioned, the flowers and gifts were not very presentable. (She was being courteous). I would have said, NOT AT ALL PRESENTABLE! Goodness, the price tags were still intact! It was completely different from the florist's illustrated picture. I requested Michelle to send me the pic. When I received it, I really had my jaws opened wide staring at it, I 'plopped' onto my chair! WHAT THE ****! I just couldn't believe what I saw!
The gifts were so 'CHEAP KAI' (cheapskate) – 2 packets of ribena (I'm sure Tim and Emily were very delighted to have them), 1 small packet of milo (for just a cup?) and the packet of, don't know what brand, glucose and I don't know whether there were any brands essence of chicken or not.
Okay, okay, I opted for Option 1 which is RM50 cheaper (the illustrated hamper was Option 2). It was not dat I minded what I had paid for but at least they could have packed 1 small bottle (if not big) of ribena, a small tin of milo and quaker oats, a tin of glucolin and 1 box (6 bottles) of essence of chicken instead of the 'cheapos'. And ... and ... and the flowers, at least, they could have arranged something better than dat (I bet my flower arrangement is better). Another thing, the card – should have at least used a proper one.

Actually I sent a message thru email to the florist
and even sent her the pic which Michelle sent. The florist called me and told me she nearly fainted when she saw the pic. I didn't really 'blow' (else she would be hearing my very foul 'nice' language), I kept my cool (but not without bombarding first) and listened to what she had to explain. She told me she didn't expect her counterpart in Penang would send dat unpresentable flower basket with gifts and I presume she meant to say dat it was completely her counterpart's fault. She went on to explain dat they couldn't send the fresh flowers from K.L. for fear dat the fresh flowers will wither (maybe she thought I was a first-timer in sending flowers and gifts ordered from the net *duh*). She did keep apologising. I asked her what she was going to do. I didn't need her apologies then. I wanted her to apologise to Michelle instead. She promised me she would call her counterpart in Penang and would send an apology (she didn't tell me what they would send) to Michelle. Okay, I accepted dat.
Two days later, Michelle told me she received the flowers – 3 roses. Goodness, 3 miserable stalks of roses! And no message with regard to the apology? *duh, duh duh*
After what Michelle told me about the
florist shop belonging to her admin.'s manager’s (Senior Manager’s position) wife, I dropped my intention to pursue the matter further. What I can say is THIS FLORIST IN PENANG, OBVIOUSLY, IS NOT A PROFESSIONAL!
Before this, I had no problems making orders from well-known florists. The incident really taught me a lesson – NEVER, NEVER ORDER SOMETHING FROM THE INTERNET WHICH U ARE NOT FAMILIAR WITH or DO NOT KNOW THE PERSON.
I would really like to thank Michelle for letting me know, else I would still be blur-blur thinking I had sent something worthy and nice to her.
Note: Any Florists/Gifts/Hampers (or whatever) shop owners reading this, PLEASE let us (who order), at least, feel dat we have spent our money worthily as we put our trust in u.

*Also, read Michelle's blog*

Updated at 4.05 pm:
I tak boleh tahan lagi. I have to disclose the name of the florist – it's Sdn Bhd

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Tuna Puffs

Sorry fellow bloggers who visited my blog and found no updates. I've been very busy lately with my work schedule and trying to juggle with work and family affairs. So as not to disappoint my frens who miss my blog (cough cough), I have better update it before it is covered with cobwebs (heehee).


1. 1 packet of pastry puff (10 pieces)
2. 1 egg (beaten)
3. 1 can of tuna in light water (do away with the water)
4. 1 bombay onion (chopped)
5. 3 tsp of mayonnaise
6. dash of pepper


1. Preheat the oven to 175°C.
2. Mix 3 – 5 (ingredients) in a bowl.

2. Lay a piece of thawed pastry puff on a board.
3. Put some fillings onto the pastry.

4. Fold and wrap the puff. Pinch with fingers and a fork to close the edges.

5. Put the wrapped pastry puffs onto a greased tray.
6. Brush the puffs with the beaten egg.
7. Bake them in oven at 175°C for 10-15 mins. or until golden brown.

8. The baked tuna puffs.

Yummy, Yummy